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wealth regarded as an evil influence

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(New Testament) a personification of wealth and avarice as an evil spirit

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added Prince John, without heeding him, ``and there is my Mammon of unrighteousness too the Marquis of Marks, the Baron of Byzants, contesting for place with penniless dogs, whose threadbare cloaks have not a single cross in their pouches to keep the devil from dancing there.
So Rebecca, during her stay at Queen's Crawley, made as many friends of the Mammon of Unrighteousness as she could possibly bring under control.
The choice is between "God and mammon" mammon being more complicated than mere cash in your pocket.
I thought councillors were elected to serve the people - but it seems they prefer to worship Mammon.
We all work for rewards, it's just the form that varies, some of us work for appreciation, some for Mammon, some for respect and so on.
On the one hand it seems to praise the unscrupulous, but on the other hand, it bluntly draws the line: 'You cannot serve both God and mammon.
NXGH, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Meimoun & Mammon LLC (which does business as M&M Telecom) expects to increase the revenue streams that were historically achieved by Tel3.
And as for the show's format, despite the producers probably being tempted to spice things up in some way, we still see people with big business dreams enter the loft before the fiery beasts of Mammon, ask for some capital investment, and either get humiliated and incinerated, or offered a handshake and a seat on the Dragons' express to success.
According to police the deceased policemen was on his way for security duty at state guest house, the official residence of President Mammon Hussain, when unknown terrorists gunned down him over the Liaquatabad -10 flyovers in center of the city.
Islamabad, Safar 11, 1437, November 23, 2015, SPA -- President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Mammon Hussain received here today the Secretary General of the Muslim World League Dr.
Huang Darong also mentioned that Wheat Finance had launched two new brands in 2015, named Mammon Grandpa and The Landlord.
Addressing the forum of Ansar Burney Trust International Ansar Burney, he requested President of Pakistan Mammon Hussain and Prime Minister Main Nawaz Sharif to take immediate steps to save Pakistani Nation from Swine Flu virus before it's too late.
In my tradition we endeavor to follow the teachings of Jesus, who said that no servant can serve two masters; you cannot serve God and mammon.
As its subtitle makes clear, The Face of Mammon (hereafter "Mammon") concerns money as an object of thought during the English Renaissance.
Maybe the religious leaders who expressed their views in the Journal could get together and form a united front to take a stand against the desecration of the earth and the sacrifice of communities all made to accommodate the many faces of mammon.