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the branch of zoology that studies mammals

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Guidelines of the American Society of Mammologists for the use of wild mammals in research.
Once the two young otters settled down, and began to concentrate on grooming their fur, a sign of relaxation, aquarium mammologists opened the gate between the pools, allowing all the otters to move freely between the two areas.
By moonlight, through mist net collection and aluminum live traps, mammologists Burton and Tom catch these winged mammals along with rats, squirrels, and shrews.
All field protocols followed American Society of Mammologists guidelines for the use of wild mammals in research (6), and were reviewed and approved by the TTU Animal Care and Use Committee.
Special Publication of the American Society for Mammologists 7:632-663.
The agency's imperviousness to reform is a testament to the political power of ranchers and big-game hunters, but a 2012 letter from the American Society of Mammologists to the bureaucratic parent of Wildlife Services, the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, might cause even those interests to reconsider their position.