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informal terms for a mother

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Mamas & Papas will now continue its "constructive dialogue" with landlords to implement the CVA proposals, which include plans to reduce rent on certain stores in the UK retail business.
Bolour leads the Red Hot Mamas menopause support group at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.
Providing even more choice and convenience, the Uni-Traveller TS also fits onto any Mamas & Papas chassis of your choice to create the perfect baby transportation.
This page is the result of a new partnership forged between TodaysMama and Kiva, a charitable organization that lets mamas make small micro-loans to specific entrepreneurs in nations throughout the developing world - empowering them to improve their skills and enhance their families' quality of life.
7 Mamas & Papas posted a 28% rise in maternity fashion sales between February and June this year.
The Boogie Woogie Mamas is affiliated with Caravan Dance Studio in Palmdale and is scheduled to perform at the Antelope Valley Fair on Senior Citizens Day, at 9 p.
Mamas and Papas said the 6,100sq ft store at the Mercato Mall was in the heart of one of the fastest-growing residential and retail districts in Jumeirah - which already boasts several resort properties, hotels and private villas.
Antelope Valley's Boogie Woogie Mamas recently participated in the All American Dance Championship National Competition on Holland-America's MS Westerdam during a Jan.
Monthly columns and information from master Mamas of organization, life balance, and more.
Blending full-performance clips, rare home movies and exclusive interviews with group members, family and friends, the 90-minute "California Dreamin' - The Songs Of The Mamas & The Papas" expands on the one-hour Public Television special that begins airing in March 2005 and continues to be broadcast.
We are delighted to add the Mamas & Papas line to our award-winning portfolio of electronic musical and reading toys," said Todd Coyle, chief executive officer of Neurosmith.
When it was Papa's birthday, Aleeya and Mama had brought Papa a birthday cake in bed.
In the bakery expect some of the 50's-60's "gustatory kitsch" Mama raised her brood on, - Jewish Coffee Cake, Dutch Baby, and Raspberry Jam M'Omelette [TM] - Also a nod to her early confectionary soda's "Fifty/Fifty" and "Italian Lemon Freeze" among sweets, expect those "to die for" signature sandwiches in a new grab n 'go style.