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a group of island in eastern Indonesia between Celebes and New Guinea

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His Moravian passion for evangelism, combined with the Moravian penchant for mentoring, led to the beginning of the first church among Muslims in East Java, the spread of the church throughout the Maluku Islands, and a sweeping turn to Christianity in Timor and northern Sulawesi.
While reporters in Indonesia generally abide by the international code of journalistic ethics as outlined in Elements of Journalism, since the conflict in the Maluku Islands they have gone the extra mile to assure that bias does not reappear in their reporting.
According to the agency, the quake hit Maluku Islands at 11:31 p.
7 on the Richter scale, struck deep beneath the Banda Sea - 120 miles south of Ambon city in the Maluku Islands.
Papuan sources contend that the Military and various intelligence agencies are attempting to radicalize Muslims, especially in the migrant community, much as transpired before the recent explosions of communal violence in the Maluku Islands and in Sulawesi.
The quake lasted for about three minutes, the agency said, and could be felt in Manado and as far away as Ternate, about 124 miles away in the Maluku islands, he said.
Between 1999 and 2002 the Maluku islands were divided by a purportedly bitter religious/ nationalist struggle that left over 5,000 people dead and approximately 500,000 people displaced.
While not all Muslims adhere to anti-Christian ideas, the Laskar Jihad, a Muslim paramilitary group, is targeting Christians on the Maluku Islands of Indonesia.
Headlines declare that the recent massacres on Indonesia's Maluku Islands are the result of religious battles.
AN OVERLOADED ship carrying almost 500 people, many fleeing sectarian violence on Indonesia's Maluku islands, is missing and presumed sunk in remote seas.
Tanjung told reporters that the six-month-old administration of President Abdurrahman Wahid has had to deal with internal political issues such as violence in the provinces of Aceh and Papua and in the Maluku Islands.
Some claim that British-made Saladin armored vehicles were used by Indonesia's armed forces during violence over Christmas in the Maluku Islands.
The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre did not issue any alerts following the tremor in the remote region at the eastern end of the Indonesian archipelago between East Timor and the Maluku islands.
Indonesia has strict laws against separatism, in 2008 handing down a life sentence to a man in the Maluku islands capital of Ambon for displaying the RMS flag in front of the visiting president.