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professional wrongdoing that results in injury or damage

a wrongful act that the actor had no right to do

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(46.) See, e.g., BAKER, supra note 8, at 99-105 (detailing four cases where negligent medical care resulted in medical malpractice lawsuits, which then resulted in medical institutions improving quality of care).
Alogba-Olukoya said in Lagos that teachers' involvement in examination malpractice in any form would make a mockery of the teaching profession and should be severely punished.
These caps are the last remaining vestiges of the statutory scheme to limit damages in medical malpractice cases.
A central facet of this debate has centered on the costs of the malpractice tort system.
NFP, an insurance broker and consultant that provides employee benefits, property & casualty (P&C), retirement and individual private client solutions, has said that it has acquired Malpractice Insurance Agency LLC (MIA).
Jena of Harvard Medical School, Boston, and colleagues compared data from the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration on all acute care hospital discharges from 2000 to 2009 with data from the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation on all closed malpractice claims against Florida physicians during the same period.
The authors note d that if higher spending is motivated by concerns about malpractice, then the spending would be considered "defensively motivated.
The purpose of this article is to gain a deeper understanding of the impacts of the malpractice system and tort reforms, the increasing expenditures of medical malpractice insurance, and the influences of apology laws on medical malpractice lawsuits.
Shari has more than 15 years of litigation experience and represents lawyers and law firms in the defense of legal malpractice claims and advises and counsels lawyers concerning allegations of malpractice, ethical violations and breaches of duty.
Anaheim, CA, March 07, 2014 --( One cost of becoming a physician is the need to carry malpractice insurance.
Malpractice! The Novel comes from an author who worked in California during the time of the California medical malpractice insurance crisis and beyond, chairing a committee that reviewed all malpractice claims involving a major California hospital.
At first blush, it may appear that Florida Legal Malpractice and Attorney Ethics is wrapped in seasonal red because it became available just in time for the holidays; however, upon closer examination the red cover becomes a metaphor for a legal ethics and malpractice hotline.
-- The statutory clarification that the Medical Malpractice Insurance Pool ("MMIP") is not required to offer a second layer of excess medical malpractice insurance coverage is extended from July 1, 2013 to July 1, 2018.
On average, physicians spend more than 50 months over the course of their careers with an unresolved, open malpractice claim, according to a study in the Health Affairs.