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the leader of a town or community in some parts of Asia Minor and the Indian subcontinent

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Parliamentary Secretary for Law Malika Ali Bukhari said the law ministry has also prepared a five year women protection plan to provide justice to women.
In May, the petition was filed by parliamentary secretaries Farrukh Habib, Malika Bukhari, Kanwal Shauzab and Javeria Zafar.
But Malika Omar distinctly remembers gravitating towards the piano the moment she would hear it.
JEDDAH/RIYADH: An image by French artist Malika Favre, marking the day that women were allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia for the first time, has been formally recognised with a slew of awards after it became something of a cultural sensation.
Before her relationship with the 'Cash on It' rapper, Malika dated Ortiz-Magro and rapper Chinx.
There's boundaries and lines for a reason." Malika Andrews (@malika_andrews) May 22, 2019 "There's certainly no place for fans or whatever Drake is for the Raptors on the court.
The following day they met at the local shopping centre and the pastor asked Malika to once again meet him in the church by nightfall.
Chuy region police department awarded Malika Usmanova with merit certificate in the presence of schoolchildren and teaching staff of the school.
FILE -- the 3-year old victim Malika CAIRO -- 10 January 2019: Egypt's Education Minister Tarek Shawki ordered an immediate investigation into the death of three year old Malika in Giza after her school bus ran over her.
Their four children ndash 13-year-old Nabiullah, 10-year-old Malika, three-year-old Rogia and one-year-old Karamat ndash were also injured in the explosion.
It is unacceptable because the woman was in obvious pain and ought to have been taken to hospital,' said Lilian Malika. She is a child protection and gender-based violence officer in Lamu.
During the course of the hearing,lawyer Malika Saba and Advocate Khawaja Mohammad Syed apprised the court that the prosecutors had accused a 10-year-old boy of trafficking more than 160 kilogrammes of drugs on August 8, 2007.
Arab News, the leading Saudi English daily launched a special edition featuring work by illustrator Malika Favre in a wraparound cover.