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Synonyms for malignant

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dangerous to health

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The range of responses indicated a low level of interlaboratory precision in estimating the percentage of malignant cells. The mean estimate for each image in the survey was also plotted versus the criterion standard (Figure 3, K).
It is reasonable to suspect that malignant cells with this ability express cell-surface molecules that enable them to initially traverse the perineurium.
When malignant cells die, they undergo karyopyknosis--a degenerative condition marked by clumping of the chromosomes and shrinking of the nucleus--before becoming ghost cells.
"Our major goal now is to fine-tune and automate the test before using it in high-risk patient groups to determine if we can pick up shedding of malignant cells from the primary tumor at a very early stage--possibly before detection of the primary tumor in some patients," Uhr indicates.
INTRODUCTION: The examination of effusions to determine the presence of malignant cells has been done for at least 130 years.
Mucus produced by malignant cells may prevent protective immune responses against the malignant cells.
It is a disease in which malignant cells form in the tissues of the breast, and damage to the DNA of these cells results in uncontrolled cell division and growth, which leads to cells forming a lump.
Malignant cells produce excess telomerase, an enzyme that may play a role in keeping them alive, says biochemist Calvin B.
Immunohistochemical studies confirmed that the malignant cells were kappa-restricted plasma cells, confirming the diagnosis of plasma cell malignancy.
When infused into a patient, these radiation-carrying antibodies circulate in the body until they locate and bind to the surface of specific cells, and then deliver their cytotoxic radiation directly to malignant cells. ZEVALIN binds to malignant and normal B-cells.
Prof Williams said:"The fact the dog sniffed out the cancerous area, even through trousers, gave me an idea that because a dog's sense of smell is so strong it was possible they could sniff out odours emitted by malignant cells."
The aspirate showed malignant cells characterized by moderate to abundant basophilic vacuolated cytoplasm, round to irregular nuclei, dispersed chromatin, and prominent macronucleoli.
* Researchers at Johns Hopkins hope that a new pancreatic cancer vaccine can "clean up" malignant cells after surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatment.
The researchers also suggest that the phytoestrogen promotes the proliferation of mammary cells in women of all ages, but that because older women may already have malignant cells in their breasts, they're more likely to develop cancer.
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