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Synonyms for malicious

Synonyms for malicious

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having the nature of or resulting from malice


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The man subsequently sued the retailer and prevailed on claims of assault, invasion of privacy, and malicious prosecution.
15 /PRNewswire/ -- DRI - The Voice of the Defense Bar, the nation's largest organization of civil defense attorneys, has filed an amicus brief in a case involving the constitutional right of criminal defendants to sue police officers and other government employers for malicious prosecution.
A force spokesman said there was no admission of negligence, malicious prosecution or that excessive force was used in the arrest.
A CARDIFF man who spent 11 years in jail for a crime he did not commit today began an historic legal action to sue South Wales Police for malicious prosecution.
In a recent appellate case, the court determined that a school district and two of its employees could be held liable for malicious prosecution and defamation for making unfounded accusations of theft against a school teacher.
They also found that Mr Heaven, who sued West Midlands Police for trespass, assault, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution, had not punched an officer or slammed a policewoman's leg in the door.
We have brought an action against PhotoMedex and its attorneys for malicious prosecution and are looking forward to our day in court in the next few weeks.
His solicitor Niall Murphy said he was planning a case for malicious prosecution.
The district court held that the employee stated a [section] 1983 malicious prosecution claim against the sheriff and two other alleged supervisory employees.
Under state law, statements made in investigations conducted by schools or in relation to judicial proceedings or potential judicial proceedings are absolutely immune from lawsuits, except in lawsuits for malicious prosecution, the opinion said.
IN Friday's Daily Post we reported the case of David Fowler and his son, Nicholas, and their failed attempt to sue Merseyside Police for malicious prosecution.
The estate agent, who must still wear sunglasses to protect his eyes, had been due to bring a High Court case today claiming false imprisonment and malicious prosecution when the last-minute deal was struck last night.
Following the dismissal of Xactware's Utah action, Symbility has added to its Michigan action claims against Xactware for malicious prosecution, abuse of process, and violation of United States antitrust law.
Members of the family had lodged 47 actions relating to alleged malicious prosecution, wrongful arrest, planting of evidence and false arrest.