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a native or inhabitant of Mali

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Out of 15 people killed in the raid, carried out by the French military, 11 turned out to be Malian soldiers captured by the militants.
I encourage the Malian authorities to ensure that the presidential elections affect all Malians, and it is our duty to cooperate with them.
EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said the Malian victim worked for the European delegation in Bamako.
Qatar Red Crescent's (QRCS) mission in Niger has initiated a healthcare project for Malian refugees in the Tillaberi region and Niamey (capital district) refugee camps.
EUTM soldiers and Malian guards at the hotel managed to respond quickly, killing one of the terrorists and pushing the rest back.
The Malian government and the travel agencies which organized the Hajj trips for the pilgrims are also accused by the families of inadequate responses to the disaster.
com/attack-mali-hotel-puts-algerian-militant-back-spotlight-397010) Malian chief prosecutor said in January that Al-Mourabitoun -  led by veteran Algerian militant Mokhtar Belmokhtar-was likely behind the assault.
Bassem Loukil, businessman and CEO of Loukil Group, who led the Tunisian delegation, has expressed his great enthusiasm and pointed to the momentum of motivation generated by the Malian market which offers all development potentials, he said.
By answering the call for assistance from the Malian president to prevent jihadists from raiding Bamako and creating a radical Islamist state, French president Franfois Hollande consented to engage his country in the Sahel to fight jihadists.
and French special forces assisted Malian troops in the swift response to the attack by an unknown number of gunmen.
US and French special operations forces assisted Malian troops in responding to the attack by an unknown number of gunmen.
Malian special forces earlier entered the Radisson Blu Hotel in Bamako and freed scores of people, according to a military spokesman.
The Malian army -- along with foreign Special Forces -- brought the siege to an end on Saturday.
held Saturday at , Corinthia Hotel, in Khartoum at the end of visit of the the Malian Parliament's Speaker that the visit of the Speaker of Malian Parliament came within framework of strengthening the already deeply- rooted relations between the two countries and to reactivate their ties which are based on cooperation and sharing of expertise.
Malian state TV reported that the wreckage of the AirAlgerie flight was found close to the Malian town of Gossi.