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a member of the Algonquian people of northeastern Maine and New Brunswick

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the Algonquian language of the Malecite and Passamaquody

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Malecite Animal Calls, Music, Ceremonial, Sound recordings.
10) The sound may be heard on many of Mechling's Malecite recordings (housed at the Canadian Museum of Civilization) made at approximately the same time.
15) The Mechling collection of Malecite songs housed in the Canadian Museum of Civilization, and the Allaire collection of Mi'kmaq songs housed in the Centre d'Etudes Acadiennes at the Universite de Moncton.
Paul's conviction may be only an historical footnote but it brought into conjunction two ideas of great importance, Malecite dispossession and Malecite entitlement.
This Lower Woodstock reserve is near and yet distinct from Medoctec, one of the principal Malecite encampment sites in traditional times.
As he passed by a Malecite village he saw a young Indian girl, daughter of the voice of the woodlands, lakes, and mountains, and carried her off of a cave far, far away.
The Malecite, Iroquois, Ojibway, and some other Indian tribes invented birch-bark canoes.
First published in hard cover in 1963, this volume remains among the most definitive works on Native boats of North America, the main text being based on the research of an artist-craftsman, Edwin Adney, who in 1889 built his first bark canoe under the direction of Peter Joe, a Malecite Indian who lived near Woodstock, New Brunswick.
He also supplemented his data with expeditions to interview Indians and, speaking Malecite, was able to extend his studies beyond the average fieldworker, who was generally dependent on interpreters.
Shakespeare in The Red, a Winnipeg-based touring company, and the Manitoulin Island group De-ba-jeh-mu-jig Theatre, whose work has served as outreach for at risk Aboriginal youths, have employed Shakespeare's texts to positively assert Aboriginal identity For his part, Yves Sioui Durand runs the only francophone Aboriginal theatre company in Canada, Ondinnok, and wrote Hamlet le Malecite about a young First Nations man struggling with his racial identity.
D'autres intervenants amerindiens en ont profite pour souligner leurs propres revendications, comme ce fut le cas pour la Nation huronne-wendat, la Nation atikamekw, la Nation malecite de Viger et la Corporation metisse du Quebec.
The Natural Resources Award was presented to Conseil Malecite de Viger (Fishery), a fishery founded in 2000 by the Malecites of Viger.
Virunga (by Sodium), Gravelines (by Cadmus), Maitland (by Stupendous), Monsanto (by Breton), Acoma (by Rheffic), Earth Spirit (by Amber Rama), Malecite (by Fin Bon), Pawneese (by Carvin), Catus (by New Chapter), Waya (by Faraway Son), All Along (by Targowice), Seurat (by Crimson Beau), Epervier Bleu (by Saint Cyrien), Arcangues (by Sagace), Bright Moon and Moonlight Dance (by Alysheba), Bigstone and Lost World (by Last Tycoon), Agathe (by Manila), Poplar Bluff (by Dowsing), Tamise (by Time For A Change), Miss Tahiti (by Tirol), Prairie Runner (by Arazi).
The Business Creation Award was given to Amalecite 1, a new commercial crab and shrimp fishing operation founded by the Malecite community of Viger and based in Cacouna, Que.
The First Nations people, including Inuit, Abenaki, Algonquin, Attikamek, Cree, Huron, Malecite, Micmac, Mohawk, Montagnais and Naskapis, are spread throughout the province's geographically diverse landscape.