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a fashion model who has attained the status of a celebrity

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The declaration of the new campaign line-up including 'Transformers' actress Rosie Huntington Whiteley, 'The Proposal' star Ryan Reynolds and male supermodel David Gandy has dispelled all previous rumours.
THE GURU IN YOU: UNLOCK THE POWERS OF HEALTH AND HEALING WITHIN provides a fine program for rejuvenating body and soul, and comes from the first male supermodel in the fashion industry.
Who is your ideal dinner date: The male supermodel Tyson Beckford (sorry, Rob).
"Over the past 10 years, fashion has really progressed," says Ralph Jacob, male supermodel and music producer.
EX-Baywatch beauty Pamela Anderson has left her surfer fiance high and dry - and is romancing the world's top male supermodel.
Bossmodels, the agency famous for single-handedly creating the male supermodel, just opened its Miami Beach office this past season to serve cherished hunks such as Marcus Schenkenbert and Joel West and perhaps discover a few new faces.
4 N.B - 10 THINGS TO MAKE A NOTE OF THIS WEEK The hot list 8 OUR COVER STAR DAVID GANDY The male supermodel and international lust object on being a fat teen, that six-pack and looking good in his undies 12 REAL LIFE STORY 'I was raped at gunpoint in front of my three year old' 15 IS IT WINE O'CLOCK YET?
He's among the world's top male models, and possibly the first male supermodel of Filipino descent.
Remember those ads of those gorgeous superskinny supermodels walking down a New York street munching on a dewy apple (which you don't actually see her paying for!) while an equally-gorgeous male supermodel (not altogether unrealistic as New York streets are swarming with such beings, apparently) watches her.
A SCHOOLBOY bullied for looking geeky in glasses has set his sights on becoming a male supermodel.
45 Male supermodel Evandro Soldati is of what nationality?
Regular guys are plucked off the streets to participate in a series of challenges that will determine which of them has the looks, style, stamina, and charisma to be a male supermodel. Pray for catfights.
THE hunt for a homegrown male supermodel was launched today because US publishers think British men are all like Welsh actor Rhys Ifans.
Tyson Beckford, the male supermodel managed by Bethann, would rather work out between one and two o'clock in the afternoon.