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Genetic markers showed the presence of partly-developed sperm cells called 'spermatagonial' stem cells, which are an early phase of the male germ cell development.
"SUMO-1, human male germ cell development and the androgen receptor in the testis of men with normal and abnormal spermatogenesis," American Journal of Physiology." Endocrinology and Metabolism (Translational Series).
Ultrastructural features of the different stages of the male germ cell line are very similar to those described in other teleost species.
The union of two such sex cells (male germ cell and female germ cell) to form a zygote constitutes the process of fertilization and initiates the life of a new individual." [Emphasis mine.] [Bradley M.
"This opens up the field of male germ cell experimentation in a manner that wasn't possible before," says lead author Ralph L.
Therefore, we extracted condition medium from adult mouse Sustentacular cells at different time intervals to evaluate its effect on the induction of BMMSCs to express male germ cell markers and differentiate into male germ line cells.
Murine male germ cell apoptosis induced by busulfan treatment correlates with loss of c-kit-expression in a Fas/FasL- and p53-independent manner.
Therefore, not only will this study enhance our understanding of male germ cell maturation and function, this unique system also provides an opportunity to study these important cellular processes using physiological conditions.
This study provides insight into potential role of GPR30 and ER-[alpha] in mediating the proliferative effects of BPA in male germ cell. The authors conclude that future work should expand the in vitro experiments to in vivo studies.
Male germ cell transplantion in rats: apparent synchronization of spermatogenesis between host and seminiferous epithelia.
Topics of the other seven chapters include relationships between testosterone and Alzheimer's disease, the role of FSH and testosterone in male germ cell differentiation, a soy-free diet to lower testosterone levels, and the behavioral effects of testosterone in men.
Aberrant expression of cyclin D2 is an early event in human male germ cell tumorigenesis.
With 0.1 [micro]M Cd, the ratio of apoptotic germ cells was similar to that measured in controls; however, with 1 [micro]M and 10 [micro]M Cd we observed increases of 4- and 9-fold, respectively, highlighting a concentration-dependent effect of Cd exposure on the male germ cell line.
These nine papers address classic issues in cell apoptosis from the last few years, including the pro-and anti-apoptotic role of ubiquinone, cytochemical and apoptotic markers of tissue remodeling, chemical messengers as male germ cell apoptosis inducers, apoptosis in human ejaculated spermatozoa, reactive oxygen species-mediated apoptosis, photoinduced apaptosis by photosensitizer drugs, apoptosis during pregnancy and a paper that takes the position that snake-like chromatin is not a form of apoptosis.