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a grammatical category in inflected languages governing the agreement between nouns and pronouns and adjectives

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The male gender has also been discriminated against on economic and social lines.
In the present study, age under 5 years (p=0.05), male gender (p=0.04), congenital heart disease (p=0.039) and intracranial infections (0.048) were identified as predictors of poor outcome.
Sub-dimension Male Gender Role statements include; 'Man should decide on how to use family income', 'A man should beat up his wife if necessary', 'Education level of the man should be higher than woman in marriages', 'Men should be employed in high status professions'.
Born female (ostensibly) in 1910, the African-American activist and attorney struggled mightily to liberate what she believed to be her true male gender identity.
The analysis shows that out of forty proverbs, there are 8 animals related to male gender while 10 are related to female gender.
It was noted that children with NAS, indigenous status (adjusted odds ratio, 1.7), male gender (aOR, 1.3), and having a primary parent without a grade 9 education (aOR, 1.3) increased the risk of failure to meet NMS.
The study was performed among 98 medical students of which 39 students were of female gender and 59 students were of male gender (Table 1).
Mankind could also one day succumb to a deadly virus which plugs itself into the DNA sequence which governs male gender - a chilling scenario, indeed ...
And if anything lurks behind the popularity of Donald Trump, it's the appeal of this American male gender role to so many --a role that includes constant bravado, bullying the weak, never admitting weakness or error, getting revenge on any who offend American masculinity, white male superiority, and resentment of women's advancements.
They found that the male gender presented better performance in both the RGDT test and the GIN test, when compared to the female gender.
For many decades, a large chunk of Lego collectibles available in the market has belonged to the male gender. Now, a woman wants to erode this male dominance by designing toy collectibles of 'the ladies who rock outer space.'
Virilization at puberty is a common presentation and might cause patients to re-assign to male gender if they were raised as females at birth.
In this year's festival, Linan will dance in a bata de cola (a long-trained dress) and a manton (a large shawl), in a solo that explores male gender roles.
Multivariate analysis showed that obesity (BMI > 30) combined with male gender or asthma is a significant risk factor for both MRSA and MSSA colonization.
Prior to flower production (10 weeks after planting), 217.3 and 203.9 leaves per plant was harvested from the male gender at the first and second planting seasons respectively while 231.5 and 231.6 leaves were harvested from the female counterpart at the firs t and second planting seasons respectively.