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Synonyms for Maldivan

a native or inhabitant of Maldives

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Revealing of the degree of planetary exhaustion is the recent proposal by Maldivan President Mohamed Nashed to create a fund whereby to purchase a new homeland for his nation's inhabitants, as their archipelago is foreseen to disappear under water in the near future ("Le Maldive risparmiano per comprarsi una nuova 'patria'", 2008).
But the drama before the race slightly overshadowed the action on the track as hot-favourite Maldivan had to be withdrawn after injuring his neck in the stalls and another leading fancy Eskimo Queen also missed out after becoming unsettled in the gate.
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Instead, Hansen introduces a cast of bizarre and fascinating characters: a homeless French heiress, Papua New Guinean tribesmen, a Maldivan sultan's drummer and a lap dancer to name but a few.
Ex-Scotland and Celtic skipper Aitken never signed a contract with the Maldivan FA, but he did make a verbal agreement that he would stay for at least a year.