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English novelist (1909-1957)

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escrita por Patrick Deville a partir de una profunda investigacion centrada en la decada de los anos treinta, en torno a los personajes Leon Trotski y Malcolm Lowry en Mexico; narra los contactos que el politico ruso establecio con intelectuales, artistas y activistas como Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, el boxeador Arthur Cravan, Augusto Cesar Sandino y B.
Malcolm Lowry reproduces a pattern built on the number twelve in Under the Volcano, the novel made of twelve chapters.
A writer to be found on both sides of this rivalry between media is the British late modernist Malcolm Lowry, who aspired to become a screenwriter and at the same time attempted to preserve the genre of the novel from becoming an outdated art form like silent cinema.
Lowry's friend David Markson said that Kierkegaard's works were one of "his big books" (in Gordon Bowker, Malcolm Lowry Remembered [London: BBC, Ariel Books, 1985]: 181).
He told a friend that he wanted to start a new life in Mexico, a land that fascinated him because Hart Crane, Malcolm Lowry, and others had found an escape there from America.
Doctorow, and Richard Powers--with cosmopolitan Malcolm Lowry as the sole exception.
Superbly narrated by accomplished stage actor John Lee, "Under The Volcano" by the late Malcolm Lowry is a riveting novel of the human condition which is set in 1938 against a Mexican backdrop.
La cuarta obra que aborda Ramirez es Under the Volcano, novela de Malcolm Lowry que vio la luz en 1947.
Senior film writer, NOW Magazine Dead Ringers Volcano: An Inquiry Into the Life and Death of Malcolm Lowry The Rubber Gun The Sweet Hereafter Hard Core Logo Goin' down the Road Le Confort et l'indifference passing through/torn formations Begone Dull Care Les Bons Debarras
Berkeley is an aspiring writer who has been down here for a few years attempting to channel the spirit of Malcolm Lowry.
Un analisis objetivo y preciso de cada uno de los sucesos que se mencionan, asi como de cada una de las situaciones que se senalan, hacen de "Milenios de Mexico", una herramienta indispensable para quienes estan interesados en asuntos mexicanos Malcolm Lowry, autor de "Bajo el Volcan", quien escribiera en una carta a un amigo: "Es paradisiaco, es indiscutiblemente infernal.
2) See, for example, Richard Hauer Costa, Malcolm Lowry (New York: Twayne, 1972), pp.
The British writer Malcolm Lowry captured its lingering ambience of post-colonial decadence in his incendiary 1947 novel ``Under the Volcano,'' which John Huston made into a 1984 feature film.