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She set herself a target of PS7,000 to build a proper kitchen for a school in Malawi, Africa, but as the money rolled in she soon raised enough to complete the project and to feed each pupil for a year.
Pearson Nkhoma, from Malawi, Africa, was sponsored to study at Durham University through the Ruth First Educational Trust, which sponsors one person from the southern part of the continent to pursue a master's degree at the university.
Teenagers work on projects in Malawi, Africa. (T) (5413533) 6.00 Pobol y Cwm.
When I retired I joined the Peace Corps and was sent to Malawi, Africa. After completing my 27 months of service, I came home and wrote a book about my experiences hoping to encourage other older people to follow my example.
Mast said he visited Malawi, Africa, four times between 2006 and 2009, after deciding that he wanted to provide food, medicine and other aid to impoverished people there.
A mission trip to Malawi, Africa has given Tom Glatt Jr., owner of Glatt Consulting, a new perspective.
He has helped build medical centres in Malawi, Africa and in Cambodia serving children in need.
LILONGWE -- The benchmark price of tea in Malawi, Africa's largest producer of the crop after Kenya, fell 21% at auction as rain boosted supplies of the leaf.
PUPILS from a Coventry school are fundraising for a lifechanging trip to Malawi, Africa, in June.
The idea was born in 2007 while Rachel O'Neill was on a mission trip in Malawi, Africa. There, she saw precious young girls wearing tattered clothes that were literally falling apart.
Esther's House Orphanage is an 11,440-SF facility located in Malawi, Africa, for the Bigger Than Life Christian Foundation.
Last October the band were invited to play the Lake Of Stars Festival in Malawi, Africa.
He recently returned from a two-week stint in Malawi, Africa, where he has been getting humanitarian projects off the ground.
The college will also be able to boost its mission work and internships abroad, beginning immediately with a mission in Malawi, Africa. Mr.
Washington, November 25 (ANI): Madonna, it seems, is following in the footsteps of Oprah Winfrey, for the singer has invited donations for a girl's school in Malawi, Africa.