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the craft and science of growing grapes and making wine


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Wichmann has been in the business of growing grapes and making wine in Southern Illinois for more than 30 years and has watched as technology has opened the door to a global marketplace.
BEIRUT: Making wine began as a hobby for the Geara family.
Veggie experts said that with the right technology, making wine in space might be possible.
Certainly winemaking has changed since Doros was a boy watching his grandfather making wine in the mountain village of Pera Pedi (the Hadjiantonas -Kolos Winery).
Making wine in Patagonia poses particular problems.
My father has been involved with making wine since he was seven years old and used to crush the grapes in huge wooden vats with his feet in his home town of Belmonte Castello, where he has now retired," said Magali, 37.
When we asked him if he makes a profit making wine at Vergisson, near Mcon, he grinned and admitted that he's able to live reasonably comfortably, but he never works out the cost of the hours he works.
Mitrakul has more than a decade of experience making wine including stints in the northwest, Australia, New York and Oregon before settling in Wenatchee in 2004.
Novice wine makers will especially appreciate the chapter identifying the ten most commonly encountered problems when making wine.
Herskovitz is not busy in court trying to regain his Jerusalem property from Arab squatters, hes making wine in Beit El.
But for one ex-Brummie, making wine in the foothills of the Pyrenees is a dream come true
The French, naturally, find the thought of the Scots doing anything as fine as making wine somewhat unpalatable, but the weightier concern is the price that the wine powers will have to pay for climate change.
Mr Shelton, who has been making wine for more than 30 years, entered 82 bottles and picked up 31 awards.
We will be able to achieve the same results using 100% natural products for farming our vineyard and making wine.
Making wine the natural way might seem idealistic to some, but it doesn't seem to interfere with its worth.