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a former Portuguese province on the south coast of China and two islands in the South China Sea


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Asian Development Bank, President Takehiko Makao said that the bank strongly believes in Pakistan's potential to achieve higher growth and is very impressed by Pakistan Vision 2025, which captures the essence to East Asian economies success.
Speaking after the hearing, Mr Makao, who works at his local sports centre, thanked everyone who had campaigned for his release.
Hugging his mother and sister, Mr Makao added: "I think everyone has done an absolutely brilliant job.
He told Mr Makao: "We are going to allow this appeal and the exact reasons will be given in the letter.
But now we've arrived at Makao, the end of the line, the last town along the Motaba.
As part of his research, Blake has taken a series of what he calls "long walks"--foot surveys that start in Makao and follow a web of elephant trails up the Motaba and Mokala rivers to the park's northern border, cross the park from north to south, and then emerge from the headwater swamps of the Likouala aux Herbes River below the park's southern border.
Sakchai Makao, 23, travels to England today ahead of the final court ruling on Home Office moves to send him back to Thailand.
I WEPT tears of joy last week when I saw the pics of Shetland welcoming home Sakchai Makao.
Sakchai Makao, 23, was released from Durham jail exactly two weeks after he was arrested by immigration officials in a dawn raid.
Sakchai Makao, 23, who has lived in Lerwick since he was 10, was taken to Durham jail two weeks ago.
And supporters, including his MP Alistair Carmichael and his Shetland Recreational Trust employers, were "delighted" yesterday at a hearing in North Shields when Mr Makao was freed pending a full probe on July 7.
Sakchai Makao, 23, who has lived in Lerwick, Shetland, for more than 10 years, was arrested by immigration officials in a dawn raid last week.
Makao served eight months of a 15-month sentence for an "out of character" fire-raising in 2004.
Sakchai Makao, 23, who has lived in the Shetland Islands since he was nine, was seized by immigration officers last week as part of the Government's crackdown on foreign nationals with a criminal record.