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Increasing our customers' reach throughout Mainland Southeast Asia helps them tap into a fast growing market.
The current discourse on late prehistoric trans-Asiatic networks, however, is mostly based on archaeological evidence from Mainland Southeast Asia, with the Thai Peninsula representing an important component of the discourse, yet Indonesia and Island Southeast Asia as a whole are still vastly under-represented within existing comparative compositional studies of cultural materials and in terms of chronological data.
It seems to me that scholars have built their analyses upon an underlying assumption or assessment that state boundaries were demarcated long before Hmong people migrated to settle in mainland Southeast Asia countries, which ignores the historical fact that Hmong had occupied these areas before state borderlines were drawn during the colonial period in Southeast Asia.
Analysis showed that FMDVs causing serotype O outbreaks form 2 genetic clusters related to viruses within the Southeast Asia topotype (O/SEA/Mya-98 lineage), which are usually restricted to mainland Southeast Asia (online Appendix Figure, panel B).
He has erred, however, regarding the history of writing in the lowlands: in most of mainland Southeast Asia over much of the precolonial era, the use of writing was widespread, for poetry and for the recording of debts.
The idea is to create a transportation corridor running the entire width of mainland Southeast Asia, approximately 1,500 km in length, linking the Andaman Sea from Mawlamyine in eastern Myanmar to the South China Sea at Vietnam's port city of Danang.
troops first returned to South Vietnam, to 1973, when the United States left mainland Southeast Asia, China once again relied on Vietnamese troops to rid the region of foreign great power presence.
Absent pressure from Washington--and from ethnic lobbies--some American diplomats in mainland Southeast Asia tend to do their jobs with a healthy dose of bo bpen ngan--an all-inclusive Lao term meaning "relax" or "it doesn't matter.
Piper & Rabett discuss a series of Late Pleistocene cave faunas from central Java, Niah, Palawan and Mainland Southeast Asia, pointing to the great variety of exploitative strategies represented.
Contract awarded for review of rice-based farming systems in mainland southeast asia
There were a number of hermitages at the foothills of Dangrek, and the networking of these ashramas was done from Mount Preah Vihear, Kailash of mainland Southeast Asia.
Considering the cultural sensitivity and political implications of what is and is not part of the national identity of Southeast Asian states today, an awareness of the complex interplay of ancient cultures across mainland Southeast Asia cannot be stressed enough.
The book arises from and develops a previous contribution to the relation between tourism and heritage which two of us presented in a special issue of the journal Indonesia and the Malay World and which explored a variety of cases of the appropriation, creation, presentation and developmental significance of cultural heritage, principally in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, with additional case material from mainland Southeast Asia and Taiwan (Hitchcock and King, 2003a).
Librarians might ask whether it is really necessary to buy the third version of a compendium about archaeology in Southeast Asia by Charles Higham and to place it on the shelf beside its predecessors: The archaeology of Mainland Southeast Asia (1989) and Early cultures of Mainland Southeast Asia (2002).
Among the handful of Western-trained historians conducting research on pre-classical and classical mainland Southeast Asia, fewer still work on the great kingdom of Angkor using only (or mainly) primary (i.