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Many years before, the American battleship Maine had been blown up in the harbour of Havana, and war with Spain had immediately followed--though there has always existed a reasonable doubt as to whether the explosion was due to conspiracy or accident.
In the late fall of that year Emil Gluck made a clean sweep of the Atlantic seaboard from Maine to Florida.
Nowadays I'm so drove I get along with the Almanac, the Weekly Argus, and the Maine State Agriculturist.--There's the river again; this is the last long hill, and when we get to the top of it we'll see the chimbleys of Riverboro in the distance.
The bulk of them were mainly Gloucester boats, with a scattering from Provincetown, Harwich, Chatham, and some of the Maine ports, but the crews drew from goodness knows where.
Maines, Sr., 80, of Blackstone Street and formerly a longtime resident of Bellingham, died Sunday February 11, 2007 at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Worcester.
Pallet, reach, orderpicer and other trucs move the goods for Maines.
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