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a native or resident of Maine


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The state is also ranked as the nation's second most locavore state, that is, Mainers are strongly committed to buying and eating locally grown products, according to Strolling of the Heifers, a Vermont-based local food advocacy group.
The Mainer bonds (ISIN-AT0000A0ZBC1) are floating, at 6.
An example of this lofty attitude is Alan Lomax's letter to Mainer of February 1941 telling him what to sing on the occasion of a folk song party to be held at the White House, organized by Eleanor Roosevelt:
Born near Asheville, North Carolina, Mainer got his musical start in North Carolina's mountains and later rediscovered it in an industrial Michigan city.
Part two of the program includes draft training, where Mainer says a layman-friendly draft tech helps set up the most efficient draft system possible.
This was not Bush's least-loved Mainer, Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell, speaking to some partisan Democratic crowd.
For me, it's just a part of who I am, as much as being a third-generation mill worker or a lifelong Mainer.
We could referendum the antidiscrimination bill back in; proclaim a statewide Day of Public Atonement for Poor Citizenship, which ought to entail humiliating, slightly painful rituals for each Mainer (especially our bomb-happy secretary of defense); and, of course, abolish Christianity, at least in its fundamentalist, ovine, cud-chewing variety.
Ask a Mainer if you're on the right road and you're likely to get a one-syllable answer - yup, nope, or if he didn't understand the question, huh?
A little trucking music, courtesy of a cover of Mainer Dick Curless' "Tombstone Every Mile," even provided some New England content.
This is a triple play in helping a great young Mainer, sharing the excitement with thousands of Maine fans, and promoting Maine's attributes to NASCAR viewers around the world," commented Yellow Breen, EVP and Chief Strategic Officer, at Bangor Savings Bank.
Carrigan was always described as a no-nonsense Down-East Mainer who would not abide fools and their foolishness.
Mainers cannot count on an outside organization like the NRA to ride in and save the day.
The Connect America Fund, plus FairPoint's investment in the program, will help to strengthen and expand modern broadband service to Mainers living in rural areas.