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She owned and directed Alford Lake Camp in Maine for thirty-two years and now serves as the resident consultant for the camp.
But shortly after that ruling, Maine Attorney General G.
PhrMA sued in federal court in Maine alleging that the Maine Rx prior authorization requirement violates federal law because it does nothing to advance the purposes of Medicaid.
If legislation, expected to be debated next spring, is enacted, Maine would be the first state in the nation to have a government-run health plan, said Jon Bolton, a health policy analyst with the Augusta, Maine-based Consumers for Affordable Health Care, which strongly supports such a plan.
We follow Kas Maine on journeys from Lesotho to the Orange Free State and, finally, to a triangle of marginal land in the Transvaal west of Johannesburg's city of gold.
Dish description: A popular Sunday brunch item here is called lobster croissant, which is Maine lobster and scrambled eggs on a croissant with an avocado-watercress sauce and sour cream.
This is not the Maine I remember from twenty-five years ago.
If they can elevate the debate to the national level, they believe it will be possible to break the log jam created by the Maine forest-products industry and end the regional gridlock.
gov) is the official Web portal of the state of Maine and a service of the Information Resource of Maine (InforME).
With an advertising budget that was, at best, one third that of Maine Won't Discriminate's, the group did little to target a mass audience.
In fact, nursing home industry representatives in Maine see their facilities facing a difficult future, with declining private sector revenue, static Medicaid reimbursement and increasing costs from a burden of state regulation that, as one puts it, "makes OBRA look mild by comparison.
The design of this race car represents what Maine is all about and will bring national attention to our great state," said Governor Paul R.
After Maine created the Parents as Scholars Program in 1997, colleagues and I began to document the Maine experience, intending to provide a model for other states to replicate.
Jeff graduated from the University of Maine (USA) in 1982 where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering with advanced standings in chemistry, physics, and pulp and paper manufacture.
This month, we hear from Maine President Christine Kissack: