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French sculptor of monumental female nudes (1861-1944)

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The selection at Marlborough reinforced the obvious fact that Maillol became "Maillol" early on.
Immediately after her release from prison in 1943, Maillol rushed her to the studio to add the finishing touches to the definitive version of La Riviere, the sculptor's last monumental work (1938-43).
In his fidelity to the truth of nature, he departed from the style of his contemporaries and paved a new road for successors such as Henri Matisse, Aristide Maillol and Constantin Brancusi.
There are endless opportunities for this kind of challenging comparison in this dazzling installation: on one side of the gallery, five studies for the head of Balzac, and on the other, Matisse's five heads of Jeannette; further along: Rodin's Three Shades (1881-86), Matisse's Large Seated Nude (1923-25), signature pieces by Maillol and Lehmbruch, and more.
McWilliam, John Skeaping and Leon Underwood, together with emigre sculptors, such as Siegfried Charoux, Georg Ehrlich, Heinz Henghes, Uli Nimptsch, and Willi Soukop, progressive academicians Charles Wheeler and James Woodford, and French 'masters' of Romantic and early modern sculpture, Antoine Barye, Auguste Rodin and Aristide Maillol.
They are collectors of modern art with particular interest in Aristide Maillol, Pablo Picasso, and Jean Dubuffet.
Yet while "Regarding Beauty" was crowded, the inner hall of the museum--a gallery populated with sculptural masterpieces by Daumier, Degas, Rodin, Rosso, Maillol, Matisse, Lehmbruck, Baizerman, and others--was all but deserted.
All sculpture, except for Giacometti's, before and including David Smith's--that of Rodin and Maillol and Brancusi and Arp, both of whose work I like better than Giacometti's--is traditional sculpture, which is primarily one rock with complications, or is low relief, one plane with complications.
His choice of French artist-printmakers already represented in his paintings was confined to Manet, Cezanne, Gauguin and Toulouse-Lautrec, while the introduction of Maillol, Matisse and Picasso brought the collection well into the 20th century.
The Tuileries has been host to a gathering of voluptuous nudes by Aristide Maillol since Andre Malraux's reign as minister of culture, almost half a century ago, plus other pieces of more recent vintage.
Once again, the landscape provides a majestic setting for modern and contemporary pieces by the likes of Rodin, Maillol, Moore, Chadwick (Fig.
Having one's confreres skinny-dip in a fountain alongside a sculpture by Aristide Maillol is not just a publicity stunt but, in retrospect, kind of sweet.
Portraits of artist friends--most produced for Harpe's Bazaar--include the likes of Picasso as well as Maillol, Bonnard, Braque and Buffet, and Monet's garden at Giverny.
Dora Gordine's work fitted admirably because she dearly spoke the international language of modern sculpture: the language of the 'three Ms'--Milles, Maillol and Manship.
international' and 'significant'--but too often they showed familiar artists and familiar works, from Picasso and Maillol at Marlborough, to Matisse and Freud at Acquavella.