letter bomb

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Synonyms for letter bomb

a thin explosive device inside an envelope or package and detonated when opened

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send an explosive to

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The mailbomb that almost killed David Gelernter in June of 1993, courtesy of the Unabomber, left him with physical injuries and a sense of moral outrage and obligation which he shares with us in this book.
Mailbomb protects users from massive amounts of e-mail, a classic denial-of-service attack that can overload a server.
In the book titled "Hacker Step 2001", the author talks about various topics such as IRC, ICQ, trojans and mailbombs.
Memova Anti-Abuse stops spam, viruses, mailbombs, denial-of-service, directory harvest and phishing attacks in the most cost-effective manner - at the gateway.
People are very emotional about spam and any marketer who follows the DMA guidelines should begin preparing for a likely torrent of flames, mailbombs and hacking attempts on their web server," adds Duwaik.