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Synonyms for Maratha

a member of a people of India living in Maharashtra


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You may have errors even then, like the Mahrattas of a certain good unit who obeyed orders like men, and loosed off at the thing which had been forcing its way through their wire.
Bakhshis in military command continued in the armies of the Mahrattas, of Hyder Ali, and of other native powers.
Inglaterra tambien intervenia en las luchas de los mahrattas contra el imperio mogol, la llamada pax Britanica consistia en el apoyo que Inglaterra daba a los gobernantes locales; con solo aportar tributos minimos y obediencia, las elites locales se vieron libres frente a sus vecinos o los poderes superiores.
7 (July 1857): 231; Historical Sketch of the Mission to the Mahrattas of Western India (New York: American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, 1862), p.
The Persians, the Mahrattas, the British, the French among others all saw this as a time when their imperial agendas could be furthered.
It was fought against the Mahrattas, a formidable Hindu confederacy of warriors and marauders who dominated much of Central India.
The late war in India may convince such persons, as require conviction on the subject, that conquests made either on Tippoo, or the Mahrattas, could not be preserved with such an army as the revenues of the conquered tracts would support.
Villages were set on f ire, Mahrattas smeared with blood and hanged, Brahmins forced to taste the blood of the untouchables and then executed by them.
The power passed to the Mahrattas and finally to the British.