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the region of northwest Africa comprising the Atlas Mountains and the coastlands of Morocco and Algeria and Tunisia

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AMG has established a number of international companies specialising in media and communications, including International Publicity Services, a London-based advertising agency for the Middle East and North Africa, and Arab International Publicity Services, its sister agency based in Tripoli for Libya and the Mahgreb.
Why sneak away from your hometown to join al-Qaeda in the Mahgreb if you now have real prospects for meaningful political participation?
On his part, Moroccan representative of the Arab Mahgreb (Western Arabia)
The French president has confirmed the death of a hostage held by Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Mahgreb (AQIM) and vowed that the killers will be punished.
Algeria has friendly relations with its other neighbors in the Mahgreb, Tunisia and Libya, and with its sub-Saharan neighbors, Mali and Niger.
Its activities will dovetail with those of the existing AF Region TSCTP to prevent terrorist movement among and between Mahgreb and Sub-Saharan States and will promote trans-regional cooperation in counterterrorism efforts.
Jihad or militant Islam is a global, not just domestic or regional menace, and the ranks of jihadists are swelling not because the United States is fighting back in Afghanistan and Iraq but because tens of thousands were trained under the Taliban before America fought back (estimated 60,000) and are being trained today in camps in the border regions of Pakistan as well as in the Mahgreb, Middle East, Caucasus region, central and southeast Asia.
However, these wishes do not excuse the Europeans from the fact that they have ignored the Mahgreb for too long at a time when they were preoccupied with arranging the European house by opening up to the East European countries coming out of the former Soviet camp.
He provided information on the Algerian military's capabilities and on the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat, known by its French acronym GSPC (Groupe Salafiste pour la Predication et le Combat) which declared itself Al Qaeda in the Islamic Mahgreb in 2006.
Writing in Le Figaro he predicts it will transform the EU's Barcelona Process, promote co-operation among Mahgreb countries, and end long rivalries.
Instead of that happening, trade among the countries in the Mahgreb has lessened, and bilateral trade agreements between Europe and the individual North African states have increased.
Pero la vida politica continua turbulenta en el Mahgreb oriental.
Wherever possible, each of these countries looked to its former empire to expand its workforce: Britain to the West Indies and the Indian sub-continent, France to the Mahgreb, Germany (with no empire) to Turkey and the former Yugoslavia, and the Netherlands to its overseas connections (Indonesia and Surinam), but also to Morocco.
Recently published estimates vary between the unofficial one of a French historian, specializing in the Mahgreb, who argues that 10-15 million people of Mahgrebi origin are currently resident in Europe (5-7 millions being Moroccans) (Vermeren 2002, 17) and the more official ones of the OECD/ SOPEMI which imply that no more than 3 million Mahgrebis (including 1.
Via JVCs we have leadership in the Mahgreb region (North Africa), are No.