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Remembering Siachen heroes Glimpses from the life of martyrs Subedar Nagesha TT, Havildar Elumalai M, Lance Havildar S Kumar, L/ Nk Sudheesh B, Sepoys S Mustaq Ahmed, Mahesha PN, Rama Moorthy N, Ganesan G and A Suryavanshi SV.
Mahesha, "Heat transfer in MHD viscoelastic fluid flow over a stretching sheet with variable thermal conductivity, non-uniform heat source and radiation," Applied Mathematical Modelling, vol.
In a studio overseen by artists Andy Fish and Susan Halls, 18 students started with three pieces of inspiration from the museum: a 19th-century Qing Dynasty vase, a 1997 wall installation by Yinka Shonibare and a granite statue of Shiva as Mahesha, or Brahma, from 10th-century India.
Manjappa and Mahesha (2008) extend the ideas of production frontiers by analyzing productivity growth, efficiency change and technical progress through the use of the Malmquist Index.
The Indian consciousness, for example, is reflected in the triad or trimurti representing the three principal gods of Hinduism, namely Brahma (creator) Vishnu (preserver) and Mahesha (destroyer).
They are Jan Madden, Jasmin Clark, Jen Corbett, Kendall Green, Kristen Andrews, Lesa Elliott, Liz Davis, Mahesha Wijesooriya, Marsha Young, coach Melinda Clark and manager Kay Doyle.
A highlight of Sotheby's 23 March sale of Indian and Southeast Asian Works of Art is a magnificent and rare granite figure of Shiva as Brahma or Mahesha of the Chola Period, 10th-11th century, hailed as 'without question the most important Indian sculpture ever to appear on the market'.
Vedic chanting by the department of veda institute, hymns by Vocal Rasta, an acapella ensemble, and Sufi songs by Mahesha Ram & group will be ringing through the galleries at the Lalit Kala Akademi.
Mahesha Ranasoma will also take over as the Managing Director of Hayleys subsidiary Dipped Products PLC from J.