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an adherent of Mahayana Buddhism

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Since Sukhavati is open to both Mahayanists and Hinayanists, Amitabha preaches to both groups, symbolised by the double argumentation gesture.
While Kukai's position is technically inclusivistic in that it recognizes ascending degrees of virtue in the lraditions outlined, he denigrated adherents of the lower schools and regarded them as dangerous for Mahayanists.
Similarly, the Collection of Discourses has one version in the Pall Canon, and another in the Mahayanist tradition, often referred to as the Mahayana Sutras.
In other words, this teaching is provisional and intentional (abhiprayika), and testifies to the Buddha's skill in means (upayakausalya)--a ubiquitous Mahayanist hermeneutic device.
35) The ancient nature of the practice is indicated by Mahayanist East Asian sources, such as the great Chinese vinaya authority Daoxuan's (596-667 AD) vision of an ordination platform in which the indakhila is specifically described as taking the form of a dome-shaped reliquary (caitya) containing relics of the Buddha (36) while the indakhila's significance has carried down to the modern period to the extent that in northern Thailand it is often paraded around neighbouring villages in an elaborate fashion before being finally planted in the centre of a newly created monastic sima.
His use of "ahimsa" is reminiscent of the Pauline "agape" (unconditional/reconciling love) and the Mahayanist "mahakaruna" (great compassion).
This may seem to be an especially liberal Mahayana perspective, but if we consider the Milindapanha, which explicitly advocates torture, scourging, amputation and the death penalty as punishments, the Mahayanist approach here is actually much less harsh.
In order to counter any impression that Xuanzang may leave that Vajrapani's transformation into Garuda belonged only to the Gautama biographies of early Buddhism, it is perhaps worthwhile here briefly mentioning the broader and current Mahayanist theme of Bodhisattva transformation.
For Mahayanist altruism this signifies the religio-ethical threshold between karmic dualism and a non-dual surrender, an a-causal and trans-karmic access, to Buddhist awakening.
80) Ruegg (2004: 38) comments: The Lalitavistara, a biography of the Buddha, is also described in its title as a Mahayanasilira; but very much of the work is far from being specifically Mahayanist.
Mahayanist Cochinchina even lacked a comparable Buddhist institution, like the Theravadan sangha, that might have provided a sort of cross-cultural model for such a clerical organisation, meaning these difficult alien concepts would undoubtedly have needed repeated reinforcement.
Gier and Kjellberg seem to acknowledge the more restricted interpretation when they state: "The definition of karma as volitional action is not only good Pali Buddhism but it is also the position of the great Mahayanist philosopher Vasubandhu: 'karma is will (cetana) and voluntary action (cetayita karanam).
As these became more isolated from centers of Mahayanist orthodoxy, the Buddhist heritage of the temples "became less and less obvious, while their specifically Lahu, G'uisha-centered, character became ever more pronounced" (p.
Initially he was a Mahayanist, for whom Buddha-hood was an imminent possibility; then, towards the end of his life, his beliefs changed.
Buddhism and the Freedom of the Will: Pali and Mahayanist Responses.