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an adherent of Mahayana Buddhism

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A Mahayanist Criticism of Arthasastra, The Chapter on Royal Ethics in the Bodhisattva-gocaropaya-visaya-vikurvananirdesa-sutra," Annual Report of the International Research Institute for Advanced Buddhology at Soka University for the Academic Year 1999 (2000), 177-211.
While Kukai's position is technically inclusivistic in that it recognizes ascending degrees of virtue in the lraditions outlined, he denigrated adherents of the lower schools and regarded them as dangerous for Mahayanists.
Similarly, the Collection of Discourses has one version in the Pall Canon, and another in the Mahayanist tradition, often referred to as the Mahayana Sutras.
10) Yeshe and Lama Sobha's appeals could not be more clear, the one expressive of a claim for universal human rights recognition, the other solidly in the tradition of Mahayanist universal altruism.
Perhaps implying that the self-issue has been adequately problematized, Gier and Kjellberg shift focus and claim that because the aim of Buddhism is to eliminate the self, the Mahayanist rejects personal enlightenment because that reifies the self.
The insubstantial-self and reductionist doctrines are more explicit for Mahayanists and understood more radically by them, but that understanding has not been sufficiently set forth or supported in terms of its implications for the free will question, although no argument presented here suggests that it cannot be set forth.
If it is a genuine sanction of suicide, it has by the time of the Saddharmapundarika (Lotus) and Samadhiraja Sutras become, in somewhat typically inflated Mahayanist terms, a virtual paean of praise for suicide by self-immolation.
It establishes that in spite of the presence of Avalokitesvara images, the commonly accepted understanding of the caves as Mahayana is incorrect; rather it is the Sanskrit texts of the "Hinayana" that are the source and inspiration for the painting at Ajanta, to the extent that it has been preserved, specifically Mahayanist themes being avoided.
Beside Mahayanist materials, those belonging to the Mulasarvastivadin school, except insofar as they belong to the Abhidharma or are found among the "Turfan" texts (according to the "Fundort-prinzip"), are in principle excluded, but the Lokaprajnapti (an Abhidharma-type text for which fragments of the Mulasarvastivadin recension are known) has also been excluded.
A Mahayanist might condone such practices under the umbrella of "skillful means," but this would seem to conflict with the core moral message of the Buddha: to conquer evil with goodness.
19) that neither the use of the term alaya, nor the occasional appeal to Mahayana texts (like the Samdhinirmocanasutra, directly quoted in the Vyakhya), should be taken to show that Vasubandhu's thought exhibits in this work a basically Mahayanist orientation; rather, as he correctly emphasizes, Vasubandhu's interpretation of the pratityasamutpada formula is entirely in accord with "the traditional Buddhist view" (p.
What is still more remarkable was that an otherwise Mahayanist sense of universal religious responsibility (bodhicitta) was demonstrated so confidently by the Theravadan sangha and laypeople of the Burmese nation.
To support paleo-compatibilism, Siderits quotes the (ironically) Mahayanist Santideva, who presents a series of statements (22-31), only one of which I repeat here (22), instructing Buddhists to see others' behavior as--according to Siderits--determined by impersonal factors, the way bile is, for purposes of anger prevention.
True to this claim, the bulk of Victoria's article traces a trajectory of progressively essentialist language that by implication would invalidate not only the heterodoxical views expressed by Zen militarists during World War II but also nullifies many orthodox systems of Mahayanist philosophy that developed in Northern India, Nepal, and Tibet.
5) The importance of these bodhisattva sutras in determining a Mahayana identity it not lost on Boucher, who notes that being a Mahayanist must have "involved participation within a self-identified bodhisattva network that accepted the authority of at least a certain number of Mahayana sutras" (77).