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Chinese game played by 4 people with 144 tiles


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The idea behind going with a diverse mix of collaborators, according to Eugene Lorenzana, managing director of Roche Bobois Philippines (, was to show the Mah Jong's versatility-that anyone from any discipline can express their ideas and concepts in the piece.
Shaped like mah jong tiles that can be configured any way you want whether as an armchair, a corner chair or a longer sectional it was designed by artist and designer Hans Hopfer who created it on the premise that homeowners wanted the freedom to create their own seating landscapes.
Catch the Mah Jong Beat!, a one-act dance/play, which was performed this week at Manhattan Repertory Theatre in Times Square, is being developed into a full-length theatrical performance.
"Kent, with a name like that, you've got to be either a Californian surf dude or one of Superman's mates," I said as we walked off a main street into the heart of old Shanghai, its narrow streets pungent with the smoke of assorted creatures being fried, boiled or roasted and noisy with the clack of old men playing mah jong and traders advertising their wares.
Residents are treated to traditional cuisine, tai chi, Mah Jong and trips to Chinese supermarkets.
Ladies Mah Jong, 10am (members only), Dilmun Club, Saar.
Her young visitor eats her favorite lunch: steamed buns, shrimp, vegetable, and rice; shops with Auntie in the Grand Mall; and watches men playing mah jong in the park.
As well as the 'moms and kids' days, book club, writers' club, Mah Jong sessions and stitch group, AWAD organises an annual AWA Philanthropy Ball.
July 22: Mah Jong at 13:00 More info:
Abacus and mah jong; Sino-Mauritian settlement and economic consolidation.
THE rule book that came with our new Mah Jong set had, quite clearly, been translated directly from Chinese into Chinglish by someone who was not overly familiar with the nuances of the English language.
And when the Christian Fellowship, the Ramblers Society, the Pony Trekking Club and the Mah Jong Group start their charm offensives, I know you'll find it hard to resist.
People go there to dance or play chess and mah jong. There is a lovely old restaurant, Fanshen, on the shore of Jade Island which was founded by the cooks from the Forbidden City when they were dismissed in 1926.
We paused to photograph the Great Wall, yellow and jagged against the deep blue sky, an arrangement of dry yellow corn on a windowsill, a group of men immersed in a game of Mah Jong. On the first long, empty, straight stretch of road we gunned our engines, testing the horsepower of our machines, the cold autumn sun in our faces.
Working in his native Mandarin, which poses problems for slow subtitle readers during the opening game of Mah Jong, Lee builds a fascinating film which at times seems to veer perilously close to a meander too far.