ferric oxide

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a red oxide of iron

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Still, problems in consistency spurred Orr to look for ways to make his company more self-sufficient.(41) In 1953 and 1954, Orradio hired the services of the Engineering Experiment Station of the Georgia Institute of Technology for the design of a magnetic oxide conversion plant.
In this paper, we present the synthesis of dilute magnetic oxide semiconductors with composition [Zn.sub.0.9][Co.sub.0.1-x][Cd.sub.x]O (x = 0.0-0.1 by an increment of 0.02) using a simple and low cast solid state reaction method.
Ruyter, "Role of defects in tuning ferromagnetism in diluted magnetic oxide thin films," Physical Review B, vol.
The magnetoelectric effects found in magnetic oxides have recently found numerous applications in biology, medicine, and biotechnology [8].
The attraction of the adsorbent by magnetic bar showed the presence of magnetic oxides in the prepared carbon nanostructures.
Dilute magnetic oxides, formed by randomly substituting magnetic transition-metal (TM) ions into a host oxide, have attracted significant interest in recent years due to their potential application in spintronic devices [1,2].
They cover magnetic oxides; dopants, defects, and ferromagnetism in metal oxides; ferroelectrics; multiferroics; interfaces and magnetism; and devices and applications.
Soft magnetic oxides, M[Fe.sub.2][O.sub.4], where M is a divalent cation, have a spinel structure named spinel ferrites and in the bulk form have many applications in telecommunication and electronics (1).