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any storage medium in which different patterns of magnetization are used to represent stored bits or bytes of information

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11 September 2018 - New York, US-based Deloitte, an audit, consulting, tax and advisory services provider, has acquired AI platform business of New York-based marketing technology company Magnetic Media Online, Inc., the company said.
If you file Forms W-2 electronically (not by magnetic media), your due date for filing them with the Social Security Administration is March 31.
The rapid increase is enabled by improvements in several technologies, mainly read-write heads and magnetic media.
According to McCartha, 'The access time for magnetic media is around a second or so and for holographic storage it can be up to 10 seconds but, when a user tries to access a CNN video link for example, a 10 second commercial fills interest until the content is accessed.
After processing payroll, the solution generates tax file information and can create e-files (or magnetic media) suitable for filing to state and federal agencies.
With the deal extension, Trigon will now represent Samsung for the complete range of IT products comprising of Printers, Multi-function devices, Notebooks, LED & LCD Monitors, Optical & Magnetic media (hard disk drives).
While the majority of PMG's content is live, or replay of live, the broadcaster receives roughly 4,000 hours per year of content recorded on magnetic media from providers around the world.
The Israel army spokesman issued a statement saying that, with the exception of "magnetic media," which was retained for security reasons, the personal belongings of all the people aboard the flotilla were put on the Turkish planes in which they were deported.
Fujifilm Recording Media U.S.A and IBM announced that they were able to demonstrate a new particulate that can be used to create magnetic tape cartridges that are 44 times more dense than today's Generation 4 LTO Ultrium cartridges.<p>The magnetic media technology uses a new process of aligning barium-ferrite (BaFe) particles on the tape.
In addition, the section imposes additional filing requirements for payroll providers who withhold Illinois Income Tax for employers during the year and who are subject to magnetic media filings under 26 CFR 301.60112.
According to the company, the software has met all criteria for secure erasure of magnetic media in accordance with CESG and HMG Infosec standards and is therefore approved for government use to securely erase protectively marked data.
Other topics covered are phase equilibria and phase transformations, kinetics in nonequilibrium alloys, statistical thermodynamics and model calculations, magnetic media, spintronics, and superconductors.
This next-generation controller card was originally designed for a small number of OEMs, but targeted customers for the system include manufacturers of automated machinery, material handling equipment, medical device tools, semiconductor systems, robotics, aerospace-related apparatuses, magnetic media deposition equipment, and optical equipment, among others.
The Mag EraSURE ME-P3M degausser from Security Engineered Machinery of Westboro, Massachusetts, completely and permanently removes confidential in formation from hard drives and other magnetic media. The manual unit complies with National Security Agency and Department of Defense degaussing requirements.
* Removes confidential or highly sensitive information from hard drives and other magnetic media