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the lines of force surrounding a permanent magnet or a moving charged particle

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Where: [bar.H] is the magnetic field intensity, [bar.B] is the magnetic field density, [bar.E] is the electric field intensity, D is the electric displacement vector, and [bar.J] is the current density, [rho] is volume charge density.
As a result, the electromagnetic torque, the magnetic field density and the induced electromotive force along the air-gap are computed.
First, the distribution of the magnetic field density in top view at the time moment t = 0.125 s at 2 Hz frequency is observed.
To achieve numerical modeling program was used the modeling and simulation program FLUX 2D, and input power and energy density of 20 A/[mm.sup.2] and frequency of 1000Hz After numerical simulation, the repartition of the magnetic field density was studied, the simulation result being presented in Fig.
Counting all the rings surrounding a conductor is really performing an integral of the magnetic field density on one side of the conductor.
The midlatitudes, enhanced magnetic field density in the could be an early warning sign of that event, Spiegel speculates.