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phenomenon exhibited by materials like iron (nickel or cobalt) that become magnetized in a magnetic field and retain their magnetism when the field is removed

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Magnetic metals and various sources of parasitic magnetic fields (transformers, motors, power supplies ...) are some of the parasitic influences (Caruso et al., 1998; Hauser at al., 2000).
Because glassy metals' magnetic fields can be reversed more easily than those of conventional magnetic metals can, glassy foils have long been used in a couple of commercial niches.
Moore, J&J Snack Foods, Magnetic Metals, Maksin Group, Nest and Triman Industries.
The licensed trade alone includes a number of items that fuel Hong Kong's economy, such as precursor chemicals and magnetic metals as well as various high-technology items, such as electronic equipment and information security equipment and software.
One of the challenges facing designers of high data rate computer hard drives and magnetic memory chips is that for most magnetic metals, it typically takes a few nanoseconds for the magnetization to come to rest after it has been switched or "bumped" by a magnetic field pulse.