magnesium sulfate

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a salt of magnesium

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Leona Gollins, lead midwife for PRe-CePT at SaTH, said: "PReCePT is a national programme which aims to offer eligible women in pre-term labour magnesium sulphate for the prevention and reduction of the severity of cerebral palsy.
Efficacy of magnesium sulphate as an adjunct to ropivacaine in local infiltration for postoperative pain following lower segment caesarean section.
Two groups were labeled as Group M morphine and Group MM magnesium sulphate and morphine.
Brull, "Perioperative intravenous administration of magnesium sulphate and postoperative pain: a meta-analysis," Anaesthesia, vol.
Senturk et al., "Role of magnesium sulphate in postoperative pain management for patients undergoing thoracotomy," Journal of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia, vol.
The maximum number of flowers was achieved with the plants that were treated with magnesium sulphate at 0.05% concentration.
Nazari-Monfared, "Influence of magnesium sulphate concentration on durability of concrete containing micro-silica, slag and limestone powder using durability index," Construction and Building Materials, vol.
Magnesium sulphate also appears effective at improving postoperative analgesia [4].
Objective: To evaluate the protection provided by magnesium sulphate on corticosteroid-induced testicular injury in albino rats.
Magnesium sulphate as an adjuvant to total intravenous anesthesia in septorhinoplasty: a randomized controlled study.
By what name is the chemical compound magnesium sulphate better known?
El estudio Magnesium sulphate for Prevention of Eclampsia (MAGPIE) demostro el efecto profilactico anticonvulsivante del sulfato de magnesio en preeclampsia y de igual forma se comenzo a descartar la idea de agente tocolitico (6).