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a salt of magnesium

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Gross revenue during the life of the mine is estimated to derive 75% from cobalt sulphate, 15% from copper sulphate, 5% from magnesium sulphate, 4% from gold, and 1% from copper concentrate.
Group A comprised controls, Group B animals were administered dexamethasone 4mg/kg body weight per day intra-peritoneally, and Group C animals were given magnesium sulphate 20mg/kg body weight per day intramuscularly, with dexamethasone at same dose as in Group B.
Effects of magnesium sulphate and clonidine on propofol consumption, haemodynamics and postoperative recovery.
The aim of the present study was to determine the effect of magnesium sulphate pre-treatment on the onset, duration and recovery of non-depolarizing muscle relaxant and to quantify the haemodynamic effects of administration of MgS[O.
In fresh Type-I and Type-II prolapses, mucosal oedema and irritation can be reduced by topical application of glycerine, sugar or magnesium sulphate and lignocaine jelly or lignocaine enema with 12 ml of 2% Lignocaine in 50 ml of water (Rick, 1989).
Thirty seven were given high dose of Magnesium Sulphate (study group) and 34 were given low dose of magnesium sulphate (control group) through intravenous route along with other supportive measures.
The dosage of magnesium sulphate recommended by Pritchard is a loading dose of 4g IV plus 10g IM; 5g on each buttock.
Epsom salt is magnesium sulphate so is only required if the camellia is showing signs of magnesium deficiency - yellowing between the veins of the leaf.
In this study we compared the efficacy of amiodarone versus magnesium sulphate in the prophylaxis of post-CABG atrial fibrillation.
In the studies, magnesium sulphate for eclampsia was associated with lower risks of maternal death, recurrent seizure and major morbidity.
Effect of magnesium sulphate on bleeding during lumbar discectomy.
Intravenous magnesium sulphate was started in all patients after a loading dose of 70 mg/kg over 30 minutes followed by infusion at 2.
Washington, Jan 21 (ANI): Giving magnesium sulphate to woman at risk of pre-term birth can significantly reduce the risk of cerebral palsy in infants, according to a new study.