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molten rock in the earth's crust

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Tilt level of light rare earth's curve of all samples is higher than that of the heavy rare earth, which indicates that fractionation degree of light rare earth element is remarkably greater than that of the heavy rare earth element, reflecting the clear differentiation of light and heavy rare earth during magmatism.
2004) indicates that slab break-off occurs from 5 to 30 million years after collision and that ensuing magmatism can last between 10 to 20 million years.
Geological evolution of the Trans-Aravalli Block (TAB) of the NW Indian Shield and Seychelles connection in the Late Proterozoic: evidence from plume related A-type Malani magmatism.
The new results confirm the existence of a Middle Jurassic basaltic to rhyolitic arc magmatism, where volcanic and plutonic activity was genetically related.
The decompression beneath the lithosphere is likely to lead to basaltic magmatism along and below the swell of the antiform.
This zone is one of the most disturbed zones in the country, while the area experiences a large number of magmatism phases.
11,12) Indeed, crust-derived silicic magmas play a key role in magmatism in the NE Japan arc: they erupt directly as tholeiitic magmas or act as an end-member component in the mixing that generates calc-alkaline magmas.
2004--Neoproterozoic -Cambrian synsedimentary magmatism in the Central Iberian zone (Spain): geology, petrology and geodynamic significance--Int.
2001: Lithospheric structure of the Costa Rican Isthmus: Effects of subduction zone magmatism on an oceanic plateau.
Regions of volcanic arc magmatism associated with subduction of the oceanic plate are shown in yellow (representing a belt 80 to 250 km inboard of the subduction trench).
From the Rheic Ocean to the Proto-Caribbean Sea in Venezuela: 300 Ma of Magmatism in the Northern Andes, Geophysical Research Abstracts (13) EGU2011-2601-2.
Gases released as a result of Siberian magmatism could have caused environmental damage.
A small sampling of topics: magmatism in the Vermont Appalachians, the tectono-thermal evolution of the Waterbury dome, western Connecticut, orphans of the far-traveled Pulaski thrust sheet, and geologic history of the Pine Mountain window, Alabama and Georgia.
Magnetic alteration overprints early structures, suggesting it relates to late magmatism associated with the Mount Webb Complex.