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a fortification built before World War II to protect France's eastern border

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In an effort to make the country invulnerable, the French generals constructed a massive defensive system along their border with Germany known as the Maginot line. The deep concrete bunkers and pillboxes were designed based on the expertise gained during the trench warfare of World War I.
Though charming in their own way, China, Poland, and the Maginot Line are also condemned in The Bluest Eye for just this kind of refusal to take into account difference and history:
After whom was the Maginot Line defensive system named?
The best-selling boys' toy, reported the Echo, was a model of the Maginot Line, that barrier in France that would hold back the Hun.
For months they were surrounded by unmoving workforces and half dug trenches - a bit like a modern Huddersfield version of the Maginot Line.
QUIZ CHALLENGE: 1 Polish; 2 Nokia; 3 An obi; 4 The Maginot Line; 5 Badger.
THE MAGINOT LINE: These fortifications along the French-German border were built after the First World War.
ANSWERS: 1 The Maginot Line' 2 Benny Hill and Frankie Howerd' 3 Bicycle motocross' 4 Onion' 5 The lions at the foot of Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square' 6 As a footballers' agent' 7 Switzerland' 8 Matchbox labels' 9 Diego Velczquez' 10 The Soviet Union.
Fortress France; the Maginot Line and French defenses in World War II.
Yet the president and his administration continue to press ahead with building a Maginot line that has no demonstrated capability to defend this country in the unlikely event of a real attack by long range missiles.
In May 1940 Esme married my sister while on leave from duty on the Maginot Line, returning to France just in time to be chased back to Dunkirk without injury.
The regiment lost more than 1000 men and had 8000 taken prisoner as they fought alongside French forces on the Maginot Line before being cut off at St Valery in June 1940.
With only five complete divisions, Britain was unable to do much to assist the Poles, but 66 French divisions scrunched down behind the Maginot Line as Poland was over-run by the Germans.
Twoweeks after finishing the length of the Maginot Line behind Allez France in the Arc, Paddy Mullins' 33 to 1 rag Hurry Harriet (J Cruguet) turns over the 6 to 4 French filly in the Champion Stakes.
Germany lost World War I on the weakness of the too-old Schlieffen Plan, and was driven to develop the blitzkrieg; France won, and settled down behind the Maginot Line. U.S.