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an extractor consisting of a pair of pincers used in medical treatment (especially for the delivery of babies)

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The use of bougie as a guide for nasal intubation is done if check laryngoscopy is suggestive of difficult intubation and direct manipulation of the endotracheal tube with Magill forceps would be difficult.
The jaws of animal were pulled apart and magill forceps was introduced in to trachea through laryngeal opening and object was catch hold and retrieved out with forceps blindly under observation of C-Arm image intensifier.
Usually, nasal intubation is done through direct laryngoscopy with the conventional Macintosh laryngoscope and using the Magill forceps to guide the preformed nasal tube onto the trachea.
In contrast, Je et al (6) demonstrated in a cadaver model that the Macintosh laryngoscope appeared to be more efficient than GVL for extracting hypopharyngeal FB when using Magill forceps.
If the foreign body is lodged deeper in the airway, use direct laryngoscopy and remove the object with Magill forceps in the pediatric size.