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a literary or artistic genre in which realistic narrative or meticulously realistic painting are combined with surreal elements of fantasy or dreams

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Fakinou and Polydorou are not the only magical realist writers who challenge male dominated discourses in their works.
Where the marker of convention sits on the scale of the dominant Normal determines what is considered realist, magical realist (you'll find many writers labeled as such reject the idea), romance (based on what is accepted as a happy ending), gangster (where vengeance is normal), etc.
Yet, such criticism risks repeating the very reductionism it seeks to condemn, for its trenchancy depends on reading magical realist texts as rather simple representations of their particular cultural milieus, which work either naively to celebrate these worldviews as magical or cynically to market them as such.
Aira fuses the magical realist elements with an early-era George Saundersian postmodern credulity, and the package is impossible to resist.
In July Akala released VISIONS, a comic book EP which he described as a semi-autobiographical magical realist story charting the evolution of rapping from West Africa to the modern day.
It broadly talks about the working class in Dublin and presents some magical realist qualities of Irish life as well.
Artists should create an artwork that encapsulates an original interpretation of the magical realist world of 'Sugarlandia' based on the island of Negros, home to the country's finest sugar canes that give Don Papa Rum its signature flavor; Papa Isio, who inspired the revolutionary brand; and the local rum.
Dreamlike and fantastical, yet strangely earnest, Alfredo Vea's The Mexican Flyboy is a magical realist tour de force.
Rather than engaging with the entirety of these (Faris puts forth five primary and nine postmodern magical realist traits), the article engages with those arguably most symptomatic of the tradition that the "text contains an "irreducible element" of magic," that the "narrative appears ...
While other essays in the collection identify universal themes in the works they address, such as those by Alvarez Mendez and Nogueral, Diez Cobo focuses on the specific theme of death in a limited number of texts that make use of fantastical or magical realist elements.
In reading the magical realist tale, The Old African (2005), for instance, Eichler-Levine considers the relationship between Lester's prose and Pinkney's illustrations.
The drift to a more thoroughly magical realist (mythological) world is thus resisted, even though at some particular points the line between realism and supernaturalism is consciously transcended.
Weaving in local legends and speech, the novel splits the narrative between the sisters, an omniscient third person voice, and a chorus of the island's "old wives." In the magical realist tradition of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude, this multigenerational saga, which ends around 1970, exposes the dark secrets of one family over six decades in a tight-knit but changing community.
A magical realist text, Dreaming in Cuban deploys neo-fantastic elements, mainly to probe the relativity of space in fostering family bonds, and recasts the lens through which to view the historical events of the Cuban revolution-here seen through the eyes of three female protagonists.