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a literary or artistic genre in which realistic narrative or meticulously realistic painting are combined with surreal elements of fantasy or dreams

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While the magic realist novel typically does not depict hesitation about seemingly supernatural events on the part of the narrator or characters, the novel of the fantastic does.
She acknowledges predecessors of magic realist cinema in the region through a list of some "anti-realist" films, including Czech New Wave, Surrealist, and Expressionist cinema, as identified by Dina Iordanova.
Louis de Bernieres might also be described as a magic realist, his novels often having an other-worldly, off-kilter feel to them.
Since magic realist texts tend to offer access to plural worlds, these texts are frequently situated in what Zamora & Faris (1995:6) call 'liminal territory'--i.
Mikhail Bulgakov (1891-1940), best known for his magic realist novel The Master and Margarita, despised the Soviet regime.
She identifies mythic realism as one of several "new categories that would leave more room for border-cases and help to situate any contemporary magic realist text, or part of a text, more accurately in a larger conceptual and terminological constellation" (250) without fully defining the term.
That German can create new nouns with metaphoric power from two conjoined enhances the magic realist quality of the original, while the English text reads more prosaically: for Zauberhut, "magic hat," for meine einege Regen-Drina, "my own rainy river Drina.
Magic Ket is a song about Dutch magic realist painter Dick Ket who died during World War II and the others are The Last Train From Station Town, Where's Stevie Gone and the whirling Quango Fandango.
The realist or naturalist story: social (ist) writing, the magic realist story, the vernacular ode: these pieces revel deliriously in culturally specific diction, allusions, rhythm and accent.
One of the strange things about Andy Mozina's collection is that two of its first three stories, "Cowboy Pile" (about piles of cowboys) and "The Enormous Hand" (featuring a guy with an enormous hand), are more or less magic realist, Barthelmesque pieces, setting up the reader to expect a certain kind of storytelling.
Bubble from Big Brother published a collection of essays of literary criticism de-constructing Jane Austen, Dickens and the Argentinian magic realist Jorge Luis Borges.
Several artists in the novel will be analysed within the context of magic realism and according to magic realist characteristics to give ah integrated perspective on style and theme.
Storhoff's discussion of the magic realist aspects of Faith and the Good Thing is particularly effective as he connects Buddhism and antirealism.
A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings * (Kirk Douglas Theatre, Los Angeles) Out Pulitzer Prize-winner Nilo Cruz adapts the magic realist short story by Gabriel Garcia Marquez about two children in a small Caribbean town who discover an old man who falls mysteriously from the sky.
This magic realist play was then rescued from its marginalized reputation as a folk play by Gary Hynes' reassertion of its power as sociopolitical commentary on the failures of government in the decades after independence.