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(Asian folktale) an imaginary carpet that will fly people anywhere they wish to go

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Caption: Landing Signal Officers evaluate an F/A-18F Super Hornet pilot landing aboard USS Washington (CVN 73) using the Precision Landing Modes software also known as Magic Carpet.
All players earn Double Comp Points when playing Magic Carpet, Magic Monkey or Movie Magic
Navy commanders around the fleet are now raving about magic carpet, and are looking at new ways to apply the technology to fighter maneuvers, Dunaway noted.
The Magic Carpet helps children escape the confines of their illness by projecting interactive games and images onto the floor so that those with little or no mobility can play simply by moving on or over the picture.
But there is never a dull moment when there's a tale of genies, magic carpets, spells and happily ever afters to be told.
Wearing 3D glasses at certain points throughout the show enables the audience to rub the magic lamp as it appears in front of their noses, summoning the magical genie from his lamp and joining Aladdin on a superb magic carpet ride.
ThE MAgiC CArPET Mr Benn gets a turban and curly shoes as well as a magic carpet in this Arabian adventure.
MAGIC CARPET Home-made carpet freshener can be made by drying rosemary or lavender and then crushing it with two tablespoonfuls of bicarbonate of soda.
Magic Carpet In these days of sustainability and eco concern, what better way to travel than Aladdin's flying carpet, w hich runs on magic?
It's brought bang up to date with a gorgeous Gabriella Cilmi cover of On A Magic Carpet Ride.
Overcoming her own rough upbringing and the harshness of life, she states how she took control of her life and turned it into the freedom of a magic carpet ride.
Mr Wataka said: "I flew on this magic carpet by using adhesive tape so that the soles of my feet stayed on it.
David Wachman, trainer of Magic Carpet and Navajo Moon "Navajo Moon has won two Listed races this year and is in good form.
Summary: For the ninth year in a row the National Home Health Care Foundation will be hosting its annual Magic Carpet Festival during the holy month Ramadan with the participation of over 100 Ramadan themed stalls and sponsorships of 16 organizations.