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the eleventh month of the Hindu calendar

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The lengthy essays on Magha ("Kavya with Bells On") and Abhinanda ("Something New in the Air"), in particular, are immensely significant contributions to kavya scholarship.
Kalinga Magha tyrannized the inhabitants of Raja Rata and extended his invasion to the south of the country where he was counter-attacked by the Sinhala and this Tamil terrorist escaped death and ran back to India with some of his soldiers.
Such actions are also ascribed to the gods: it is said that Sakka (who gained his divine status by being the helpful Magha, above) was once fleeing with his army from the army of the asuras.
The artists involved are Tom Ainsworth, Carolyn Alexander, Louise Atkinson, Lynn Cox, Deborah Gardner, Isil Onol, Murat Ozkasim, Magha Rajguru, John Swindells and Zoha Zokale and they will be offering a tactile interpretation of a museum object.
The great famine at Anuradhapura and later the invasion by Magha of Kalinga gave the coup de grace which exterminated the Order and made it defunct.
1089 saka, full moon of Magha, Sunday, Purvashadha lunar mansion, one measure of water after midday, Kurun Sunat celebrated the worship of the kamraten jagat and offered the rice lands affected, following this list: [full enumeration] [10] Total lands transferred, five places.
The great masters of the kavya form (which was also exported to Java) were Asvaghosa, Kalidasa, Bana, Dandin, Magha, Bhavabhuti, and Bharavi.
Tenders are invited for Providing temporary illumination at ssrs temple, mamidipally during magha amavasya jathara 2018
This Indian festival coincides with Makar Sankranti in various parts of north India, Pongal in Tamil Nadu, Magha Bihu in Assam, Tai Pongal in Kerala and Ghughutiya in Uttarakhand.
The Sun God festival is also known as Radha Saptami, the seventh day or Saptami of the lunar Magha Masam, symbolises the turning of the chariot of the Sun God towards the northern hemisphere in the heavens, according to Hindu mythology.
27) In his commentary on Magha, after commenting on the nonbitextual speech, Dinakara glosses the bitextual version as well, at the end of which he notes that some people reject this bitextual speech as spurious (we come back to this comment below).
bSod-Nams-LogSar has been celebrated in Magha (January-February), whereas rGyal-PoLo-gSar has been celebrated in Phalguna (February-March).
The bhikkhunis took the lead in offering the light at Magha Puja festival, July 13,2003
Magha was a master of technique in the strict Sanskrit sense of luscious descriptions, intricate syntax, compounds that, depending on how they are split, deliver quite different meanings, and the full register of stylistic embellishments.
of balance work of magha bridge including approach work within jhalda i dev.