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a subfamily of Indic languages

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This paper comprises a partial critique of the social contract--the revenue base and main categories of expenditure in particular--(i) as articulated by the Indian Brahmin Kautilya in his Arthasastrs for an idealized king and state, and (ii) which can be posited as subsisting between the expansionary Kautilya-Mauryan state (K-M state) and its polyglot peoples from about 324 BC on the dynastic ascendancy of Chandragupta Maurya to the Magadhan empire of northern India, with Kautilya's assistance.
The duration and especially the size of the Magadhan Empire during the Mauryan dynasty--about three times the mean size of states in the Indic system -proved to be quite exceptional (Chase-Dunn et al.
1500-600 BC) to the emergence of the Magadhan empire (ca.
archaic) features in common with other Magadhan speeches (1949:110).