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a spicy dish that originated in northern Africa

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a pasta made in northern Africa of crushed and steamed semolina

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For this training, Souk el-Tayeb founder Kamal Mouzawak and celebrity chef Joe Barza joined the women to make -- and critique -- three Palestinian dishes: maftoul, mhammar djej and msakhan djej.
Maftoul is a version of the Lebanese favorite, moghrabieh, the chewy, oversized couscous that is usually paired with chickpeas and chicken.
Ever so slowly, a dough formed over the bulgur, creating round, soft maftoul.
The "Know your Heritage" members enjoyed a traditional Palestinian dish, the Maftoul.
Virgin Atlantic told the BBC the airline chose to name the dish Palestinian couscous salad as the main ingredient, maftoul, is not widely-known.
AaWhile many an office worker across Beirut chows down on a pizza or hamburger, those who are eating with such gusto at Tawlet Souk el-Tayeb savor dishes created closer to home, recipes mastered by generations past: raw spiced meat, hand-rolled maftoul (a couscous-like stew) with chick peas and chicken, muhammara chicken flavored with camouneh [mixed] spices, and crushed wheat mixed with yoghurt, just to name a few.
Rashid Al Maftoul, Mohsen Al Awadhi, Wahid Ibrahim, Saoud Al-Mudharreb and faculty member Christine Coombe represented the DMC club at the championships.