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Italian pope from 1623 to 1644 who sanctioned the condemnation of Galileo but later freed him (1568-1644)


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Palazzo Barberini, home of Bernini's patron Maffeo Barberini (Urban VIII), is the home of Sperelli's lover Elena.
Supposedly, Maffeo Barberini found inspiration in Matilda's awesome deeds even before becoming a pope and dedicated to her an ode published for the first time well into his pontificate, in 1635, as part of a collection entitled Poesie Toscane.
The Barberini, who originated from the small Tuscan town of Barberino di Val d'Elsa, enjoyed moderate prosperity as wool and textile merchants in Florence for several generations prior to Maffeo Barberini. The change in family fortunes was propelled by Monsignor Francesco Barberini (1528-1600), Maffeo's uncle and apostolic protonotary, who had moved from Florence to Rome, where he obtained lucrative offices at the papal court, amassed a fortune, and purchased a small palace in the center of the old city.
This family, for its part, supported the election of Maffeo Barberini in 1623 as Pope Urban VIII.
The reference is to the Barberini coat of arms, which was transformed by Cardinal Maffeo Barberini (the future Pope Urban VIII) from silver horseflies on a red ground to golden bees on a blue one; in the process he also dropped the wool shears which had signified the source of the family's prosperity.
Frederick Hammond's Music and spectacle in Baroque Rome is a welcome addition to the growing literature on music in Rome during the pontificate of Maffeo Barberini, who took the title of Urban VIII in 1623.
Perhaps the peak of Galileo's career as courtier was reached when his friend Cardinal Maffeo Barberini was elected Pope and took the name of Urban VIII.
E non sara un caso, allora, che John Addington Symonds li abbia riuniti nella sua antologia (The Sonnets of Michael Angelo Buonarroti and Tommaso Campanella, 1878); cosi come pure Maffeo Barberini (poi Urbano Vili), a modo suo, seppe legare il proprio nome a quello dei due poeti, promuovendo dell'uno la prima edizione delle Rime (1623) e facendo dell'altro il proprio consigliere-astrologo.
Serving as papal nuncio in France from 1604 to 1607, Maffeo Barberini established a number of friendships at the French court, which he and his family preserved.
Michael Shank gives us a nice account of the intellectual life of Cardinal Maffeo Barberini, a friend of Galileo who became Urban VIII and then the driving force behind Galileo's trial in 1632.
While the future pontiff frequently praised the value of withdrawal from the corruption of society in his own poetry, Maffeo Barberini would not have become Urban VIII if he had not been a good politician.
1623-1644), born Maffeo Barberini, was the longest reigning pope of the seventeenth century.
Concerning the controversy over comets, Giovanni Ciampoli wrote about Galileo's Assayer that "I, who understand little, can admire it better than argue about it"--and thus, according to Biagioli, "tended not to commit himself about the truth-value of Galileo's empirical claims." (78) Maffeo Barberini was just such a non-committal patron, and Biagioli shows him present as a cardinal, admiring Galileo, at the lunchtime dispute about buoyancy in Florence.
Marcello was a close friend and confidant of Maffeo Barberini, with whom he shared an appetite for literature and art, and so, when Maffeo became Pope Urban VIII in 1623, the Sacchetti family flourished.