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a Chadic language spoken south of Lake Chad


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Miss Mafa added: "I feel like there's more to come from this project.
MAFA is a free online bioinformatics tool that has been optimized to carry out functional annotation processes over large numbers of nucleotide sequences (genomes and transcriptomes).
Mafa district and Azaya Kura are located in an area near the Nigerian border with Cameroon which is mostly under the control of the Boko Haram, which is seeking to establish an Islamic caliphate in northern Nigeria.
MAP4K4 throws a wrench into the works by interfering with production of an important protein named MafA that binds to DNA and is an essential part of the insulin-making pathway.
13) Nine years later, the Shangwe were forcibly relocated to Zanda plateau and areas on the margins of the 101 000 hectare forest, on the right side of Bulawayo road, such as Mafa, Matashu and Maruta villages while other Shangwe families migrated to far-off places such as Kana, Nemangwe, Chireya and Nembudziya.
FoxO1 protects against pancreatic b-cell failure through NeuroD and MafA induction.
The awards, which are presented at the MAFA annual meeting, are coordinated by Eastern States Exposition's Noreen Tassinari, director of Marketing and Catherine Pappas, communications manager.
Mafa is based in Norway and has activities in Britain, Spain and emerging operations in Vietnam.
The Mafa and Western listeners both seem to derive similar emotional meaning from the tempo and key of musical passages.
Varios adultos de la etnia Mafa aceptaron participar en un experimento que consistia en escuchar diferentes tipos de musica y expresar sus sentimientos al hacerlo.
Taking to the stage will be Soraya Mafa, winner of the National Junior Song Prize in 2004.
Mafa Akafelini also crossed for the Blues and one conversion by Anthony Birley proved crucial.
Cameroon's Mafa farmers don't know U2 from YouTube, and that's how they like it.
Consider, for example, the following forms from Mafa, a Chadic language spoken in Cameroon: