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a Chadic language spoken south of Lake Chad


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Unlike regular cells, which had MafA production blocked by the tumour necrosis factor, the super cells managed to keep on producing MafA, though not as much as before.
His team's investigation indicates that Mafa and Western listeners similarly derive emotional meaning from the tempo and key of musical passages.
Where it is possible to tell, such morphological prosodies as in Mafa and Chaha are typically suffixal (cf.
amp;lrm;In the past two days Boko Haram insurgents stormed Mafa and abducted 30 boys aged 13 and above and girls aged 11 and above," Mafa local government chairman Shettima Maina said.
The combination of transcription factors that produced the greatest impact on the differentiation of PSCs into insulin cells was Pdx-1 (Pancreatic and duodenal homeobox 1), NeuroD (neurogenic differentiation) and MafA (musculoaponeurotic fibrosarcoma oncogene A).
The aim of the Cameroon expedition was to document the material culture of the Mafa people - their primary interest lay in iron smelting and iron working - by assembling a collection, taking photographs, and filming.
Mafa Akafilini also went in and one conversion gave them a key advantage in what turned out to be a thrilling encounter.
Director of Tourism Office in Amran governorate Mohammed Mafa has said that a project of the rock village would be set up at sum of YR 200 million.
Ten-year-olds Caitlin McConnell, Daniel Freeman, Louis West, and nine-year-olds Jessica French, James Lavelle, Nigel Mafa and Dylan McClay are leading the way.
The mailing address is Cde Kwanisai Mafa (cdemafa@yahoo.
For the study, they enlisted members of the Mafa, one of about 250 ethnic groups in Cameroon.