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Belgian playwright (1862-1949)

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See "White Ants and their Communal Mind" in The Star (18 February, 1928), with "The Wonders of the White Ant" (25 February, 1928) and "How the White Ants Battled against Drought" (3 March, 1928), both in the same, in the last of which Marais actually cites Maeterlinck as a source.
Wiles explains the film's relationship with Maeterlinck, Debussy, and Cocteau's treatments of Pelleas et Melisande, and how Noroit embodies Impressionist opera and the Wagnerian concept of the Gesamkunstwerk, bringing together music, dance, and poetry.
Touring productions from Britain included a wide variety of opera, Moliere and Pinero plays, music-hall acts, serious Shakespearean dramas, and the latest offerings from Maeterlinck.
The 1911 winner of the Nobel prize for literature, Maurice Maeterlinck of Belgium, was convinced of the validity, of psi phenomena, as was the 1927 winner, French philosopher Henri Bergson, who was a president of the Society for Psychical Research.
the first translations of Angel Guimera i Jorge's texts to Spanish, the release of Realidad by Perez Galdos with great repercussions in both cities, or the representation of L'intruse by Maeterlinck in Sitges Festes modernists--are pertinent examples.
Herve Jodoin, middle-aged misanthrope and serious drinker, grudgingly takes a job at the bookstore and is soon let in on its secret: it sells books that the Church has forbidden, books by "writers like Gide, Maeterlinck, Renan, Voltaire, Zola.
Traduce a Oscar Wilde, Mauricio Maeterlinck y Rudyard Kipling, publica mas de quince libros.
From Dryden and Maeterlinck, to animated cartoon figures, to echoes of traditional poetry, it's an extreme example of my tendency to do that.
Wells, playwright Maurice Maeterlinck, the poet Ezra Pound, the singer Enrico Caruso and the dancer Alexandra Fedorova, together with a broad assortment of royals, industrialists, artists, and bon vivants.
As a member of the Aesthetic Movement, Carlyle, like Maurice Maeterlinck, used a glass object as a metaphor for the soul, both shielded and separate from the outside world.
I read the works of the authors such as William Faulkner, Julio Cortazar, and Maurice Maeterlinck, who were still unknown to Azerbaijani readers.
Maeterlinck talked about the spirit of the hive, of the ant nest, of the termite mound, but I think it was Wheeler who created the concept of the superorganism.
He became familiar with the innovative work of well-known playwrights such as Ionesco and Samuel Beckett and was also greatly influenced by Shaw, Pirandello, Ibsen and Maeterlinck.
98) Maurice Maeterlinck, 'L'intruse' and 'Les aveugles' in Theatre, 3 vols (Brussels: Paul Lacomblez, 1911-12), i.
Benewens 'n oorsig oor die publikasiegeskiedenis van Die siel van die mier, word ook die vraag beredeneer of Maurice Maeterlinck, die Belgiese natuurwetenskaplike, plagiaat gepleeg het in sy boek La vie des termites waarin hy duidelik van Marais se materiaal gebruik maak sonder om enigsins na hom te verwys.