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Belgian playwright (1862-1949)

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Asimismo, Maeterlinck no para de repetir su fascinacion por la palabra del silencio.
6) Recuerdese que Maeterlinck es autor de la pieza dramatica L'intruse (1890) y que, de acuerdo con Irma Zangara (105), bajo el seudonimo de Andres Corthis, Borges publica en 1933 el relato "Hermanos enemigos" (Revista Multicolor de los Sabados, suplemento del diario Critica, Buenos Aires, no 11, 21 de octubre), version juvenil de "La intrusa" (El informe de Brodie, de 1970, cuatro anos antes publicado en la sexta edicion de El aleph) en que se cuenta una historia que es "breve y tragico cristal de los orilleros antiguos" (OC 2:401).
At the same time, it leads Maeterlinck to conceptualize an idea of mise-en-scene that will be echoed in the way Jean Epstein decades later will articulate an idea of cinematic specificity meant precisely to separate the new wonders of the uncanny mechanical eye from its dependence on theater.
The inclusion of germane lyrics by authors such as D'Annunzio, Maeterlinck, Eugene Lee-Hamilton, Wratislaw, Flecker, and John Barlas is refreshing.
Both Maeterlinck and Marais started out as qualified lawyers rather than as ethologists, so the latter argued that, a year after he had published the first episodes of his work in Die Huisgenoot, Maeterlinck had lifted them to produce his crib, The Life of the White Ant.
El viejo mundo positivista y racionalista se resquebraja por todas partes bajo los embates del Simbolismo que afecta, directa o indirectamente, a todos los sectores del pensamiento, del arte y de la ciencia: Verlaine, Mallarme, Maeterlinck, Rodenbach, Debussy, Sati, Huysmans, Jarry, los ultimos prerafaelitas, Munch, Gauguin, Klimt, Ibsen, Strindberg, D'Annunzio, Wedekind (la lista es larguisima), son mas o menos contemporaneos de Freud, Nietzsche, Bergson, Saussure, Einstein, Planck, etc.
To be sure, concentrating as this analysis has on floral poetics in works by Mallarme and Huysmans, it is also evident that floral meditations belonged to a much broader sphere of artists, encompassing, for example, the work of painters such as Odilon Redon, Gustave Moreau, and artists of the Art Nouveau movement; the composer Richard Wagner; and writers such as Charles Baudelaire, Emile Zola, Octave Mirbeau, and Maurice Maeterlinck.
Donohue tells us that 'there was no point in trying to emulate the "foreign" component' of Wilde's idiosyncratic French, and that a translator should temper the 'signature "static" quality' of Maeterlinck that Wilde incorporated into his own style for the occasion.
be, participated in the commemoration activities of the Belgian author Maurice Maeterlinck (1862-1949), well known as the librettist of Pelleas et Melisande.
Se trata de una interpretacion muy personal de la obra de teatro de Maurice Maeterlinck de 1908, de la cual Hollywood produjo algunas versiones, la mas conocida con la insoportable estrella infantil Shirley Temple, en 1940.
Por otro lado, se puede decir que la obra ofrece una analogia historica respecto al arte titiritero pues, a pesar de ser un lenguaje que ha mutado, conserva la ley de las marionetas y las sombras chinas que fue fundamental para el padre del teatro simbolista Maurice Maeterlinck (1862-1949), quien creia necesaria la anulacion del "yo" del actor, para que una interpretacion tuviese vida real.
One has to remember all the time in life that, as Belgian poet and essayist Maurice Maeterlinck says, an act of goodness is an act of happiness.
Herve Jodoin, middle-aged misanthrope and serious drinker, grudgingly takes a job at the bookstore and is soon let in on its secret: it sells books that the Church has forbidden, books by "writers like Gide, Maeterlinck, Renan, Voltaire, Zola.
32) And in a letter to Durant about volume 2, The Life of Greece, Maeterlinck wrote: "Like so many others, I thought that I knew Greece.
Wells, playwright Maurice Maeterlinck, the poet Ezra Pound, the singer Enrico Caruso and the dancer Alexandra Fedorova, together with a broad assortment of royals, industrialists, artists, and bon vivants.