Sea of Azov

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a bay of the Black Sea between Russia and the Ukraine

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49) Josephus, however, raises the specter of piracy--a perpetual maritime phenomenon like death and taxes--naming the Heniochi, Colchians, Tauri, Bosporans and the peoples around Lake Maeotis.
Rather, the Achaei, Heniochi and Zygi probably migrated from the morass of different peoples around Lake Maeotis into the coastal strip of the northeastern Euxine and its mountainous interior in the area south of Gorgippia down to the northern edge of Colchis at Pityus.
Once upon a time, so the legend says, two sons of Nimrod pursued a white stag with golden antlers that led them farther and farther away from their great ancestral homeland into the marshlands of the Maeotis Sea.
1) The manuscripts transmit the present indicative abluit, but better would be either the subjunctive abluat of the Aldine edition of 1502 (`can wash away') or the future abluet: in support of the latter are the imitations at Seneca, Phaedra 715-16 quis eluet me Tanais aut quae barbaris / Maeotis undis incumbens mari, Hercules Furens 1323-6 quis Tanais.
maeotis Hewitson, 1869 entre otras, conforman un grupo parecido que STICHEL (1910) llamo antaericiformes.