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The madrassahs played significant role in the struggle of resistance to the Raj.
According to some estimates, although there are some 35,000 madrassahs operating in the country, yet there is no record of the registered and unregistered madrassas.
Today, in most of the Islamic countries Madrassahs exist as part of a broader educational infrastructure.
Some 12,000 madrassahs and about 8,000 Iqra schools across Pakistan are affiliated with the federation.
It is pertinent to mention here that Madrassahs in Pakistan are considered
In recent years, madrassahs or Islamic seminaries in Pakistan have come under intense scrutiny for potential links to terrorism and violence.
127 billion a year, raised by madrassahs from ordinary people.
However, there are a number of key issues: It is crucial the madrassahs and mosques chosen to participate in this include those 'informal' mosques that are run voluntarily by local community members as well as the larger, well established and more organised ones, that may in fact need less support.
Communities Secretary Hazel Blears has done a deal with Islamic leaders to introduce the classes in mosque schools and madrassahs from October.
From the mosques of Damascus to the madrassahs of Karachi to the homes of Jakarta, Ahmed and his companions met with Muslims from all walks of life.
Selecting Islamabad as the urban case and Ahmedpur East as the rural case for studying madrassahs, this empirical study documents the demographic characteristics of areas in rural and urban Pakistan where madrassahs are widespread using geographic information systems, thus providing some background to the rise of this phenomenon.
But what is the point of Islamic academics upholding this view when Imams in madrassahs all over the world are preaching otherwise?
However, once the kingdom was awash with oil money, it began exporting Wahhabism on a large scale, funding Wahhabi madrassahs, mosques and social projects.
Estimates of the number of madrassahs (Islamic schools) across the country varied widely; government officials estimated the number at more than two thousand.
Islamabad and the US have begun to take on the Wahhabi-inspired madrassahs (Islamic seminaries or schools) in Pakistan.