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For example, the media showed madrassa enrolments through guesswork; it misinterprets madrassa curricula; it ignored the history and illogically politicizes madrassa education.
He admitted that the suspected suicide bomber in the BB murder, Abdullah alias Saddam Nadir alias Qari Ismail and arrested suspects Rasheed alias Turabi and Faiz Muhammad, had received education at the seminary, but rejected the claims that Darul Uloom Haqqania had any links with the mentioned suspects, other than the fact that they were former students of the madrassa.
The government could have supported the Haqqani Madrassa from the Zakat and Usher funds instead of allocating separate funds for it, he said adding, a new hospital, a university or a college could be built with Rs300mn allocations made for Darul Haqqania.
The young girls, who had been staying at an unregistered madrassa in the Jamshed Road neighbourhood located in the eastern part of the city, were dumped by the owner of the madrassa over a financial dispute.
Pakistani Madrassas system of education is governed by five bodies or schools of thought.
Today's action is the first designation of a madrassa that is being abused by terrorist organisations.
The Ganj Madrassa serves as a terrorist training center where students, under the guise of religious studies, have been radicalized to conduct terrorist and insurgent activities.
Some previous studies have put madrassa enrolment higher.
President General Pervez Musharraf said the schools - madrassas - deserved praise for helping about one million of the country's poorest children.
The son will get a backbreaking job or maybe keep the donkey's life at bay by enrolling at a madrassa, most of which offer free tuition, room, and board.
In Pakistan where political parties are locked in a perpetual battle, state institutions are devouring one another and hostility of neighbouring countries has become a norm, vital national issues like madrassa reforms remain grossly neglected.
Resource person, Dr Aamir Taseen, former chairman, Madrassa Education Board explained the history of madaris in Pakistan, the problems and solutions, the government education policy, statistics of the madaris, education board and Wafaq, modern education institutes, registration of madaris and their demands.
Bajwa said a madrassa education in Pakistan was inadequate because it did not prepare students for the modern world.
ISLAMABAD -- A protest demonstration in Indian occupied Kashmir, was held in Talab Khatikan area of Jammu against demolition of a madrassa and desecration of religious books at Gole Gujral by Jammu Development Authority, dominated by RSS-backed Hindu extremists.
ABSTRACT: This paper presents an analysis how madrassa system is persistently competing mainstream educational structure in Pakistan.