Madonna lily

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lily of eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans with broad funnel-shaped white flowers

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From the fiery orange tiger lily, left, to the calming White madonna lily, inset, these plants are a strong and cheery presence in the garden
The fragrant regal lily, with large white trumpets, is a good substitute for the white or madonna lily.
Madonna show Plant bulbs of fragrant Lilium candidum - the Madonna lily - any time from now until mid-September in a sunny spot in well-drained fertile soil.
Easy Plant Madonna lily bulbs in a sunny spot in well-draining fertile soil from now until mid-September.
The Madonna lily (lilium candidum), is an exception and while it has a relatively large bulb, is planted close to the surface, so much so that in the wild I have seen the tips of the scales poking through the ground.
Flowers were used in religious ceremonies, with the Madonna lily, Lilium candidum, representing the Virgin Mary, and the rose, probably Rosa x alba symbolising love, purity and peace.
Widely cultivated and often naturalized Old World species include the Madonna lily (L.
Lilium candidum, the Madonna lily, has white flowers and grows 90cm-1.
QCAN you tell me where I can purchase Madonna Lily bulbs, and also the Winter Sweet shrub?
THE first lily to be cultivated over 3,000 years ago was the Madonna Lily, pure white and deliciously fragrant.